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Forex Trading

Today Trading Signals

EURUSD is trading at 1.1090 ahead of the Nonfarm Payrolls numbers in the US. The euro is still trading higher despite the poor data from Germany. The optimism around the US-Sino trade talks might push the common currency towards 1.1150 level.
GBPUSD is trading above 1.31 level amid election speculation. The markets are betting on the Conservatives big win. Yesterday, the pound advanced on the weak US jobs data with only 67K new jobs added in November. Today, the US will release the Initial Jobless Claims.
EURUSD is trading at 1.1090 ahead of the EU GDP numbers for the third quarter. Despite the slow economy in the EU, the euro is running positive this week. We may see another jump as markets are hopeful that the US and China will reach an agreement.

Trading Strategies

Best forex correlation strategy - Fortrade strategy

In this forex strategy, we will show you how to profit on major releases, such as monetary policy meetings and nonfarm payrolls. You don’t need to be an expert in fundamentals to understand the strategy, but you should at least learn some basics.

Most accurate forex strategy - How to trade pullbacks

Trading pullbacks could be a profitable strategy, you sell the pullback in a downtrend and you buy it in an uptrend. It looks easy on a screenshot, but defining your entry when you trade live is not always so clear. Make sure to trade not only with the trend but also with the market sentiment.

Simple and accurate forex strategy - How to profit

Many traders search for the most accurate forex strategy or the most profitable strategy. The truth is any strategy could be profitable if a smart trader uses it. You cannot expect to win every trade, but if you are smart, your risk management will keep you booming.

Trading Lessons


The Elliott Wave theory is one of the most popular subjects in trading and many traders claim that it actually works, so you better pay attention to this lesson. As a forex trader, you obviously want to know when to enter and when to exit the market. Mr. Elliott’s theory might give you some clues.


The flag patterns are continuation patterns, which means the price enters a brief consolidation period before it continues in the trend direction. Traders would expect to recognize bullish flags on up trends and bearish flags on down trends.


Candlestick price action makes use of the hollow (or filled) candlestick pattern and the wicks (or shadows), which determine the open and close and the high and low, respectively. Based on distinct patterns, candlestick price action can help traders to determine what is happening in the forex and crypto markets.

Brokers Guide

Best Forex Brokers 2019 - How to find a good broker

It is not always easy to find a good forex broker because there are so many shady brokers located in offshore countries who work like casinos. They operate unregulated and lure new customers with higher leverage and sign-up bonuses.

Best Binary Brokers 2019 - How to profit

Once swimming in the Pacific Ocean with the big sharks, in 2019, the binary brokers are more like marmosets hidden deep into the jungles of Brazil and India. It is still possible to find them and it might be fun to play with them, but it is not allowed.

FX Options on IQ Option - How to profit

FX Options is a new trading instrument introduced by IQ Option in late 2018. The company launched the product as an alternative to binary options. Traders can buy Higher and Lower options with expiry times.

New Blog Articles

No Nonsense Forex Indicators - The biggest secret in forex finally revealed
The forex community should finally relax and chill because the universe has sent Mr. Patrick to the planet earth. You should no longer worry or fear the big banks because Mr. Patrick from No Nonsense Forex is here to help you.
Forex trading for beginners - Why most traders fail
Thanks to marketers, forex trading is often put in the category of ‘quick way to make money online’. If you are a beginner in forex you may have watched some videos with trading strategies where gurus make lots of cash. Those ‘experts’ usually sell education through live chats and teach people price action.
How to trade Bitcoin CFDs - Profit with leverage
Many forex brokers offer Bitcoin CFDs where traders can profit on the Bitcoin price direction. When you trade crypto CFDs, you don’t own the actual cryptocurrency; instead, you forecast whether the price will fall or rise against the U.S. dollar.