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Monthly pivot levels are one of the strongest confluences to add into your forex trading strategy, and are often overlooked. Monthly pivot levels are used by a wide variety of institutional traders, and when used properly can considerably improve your trading results.

The Elliott Wave theory is one of the most popular subjects in trading and many traders claim that it actually works, so you better pay attention to this lesson. As a forex trader, you obviously want to know when to enter and when to exit the market. Mr. Elliott’s theory might give you some clues.

Today Trading Signals

GBPJPY is trending to the upside currently prior to the JPY Leading economic index data, which is a single summary statistic that tracks the current state of the Japanese economy. Technically the pair has bounced from trendline support, Fibonacci 21.4% support, and previous highs (not included on chart). We anticipate continued upside.
USDJPY is trending to the downside prior to the USD 3 Month Bill Auction Data, which measures the yield on the US Government backed security. Technically the pair has broken the bull trend structure and we are anticipating a deeper correction into the 112.600 level.

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