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24option Bonus - How to get 100% bonus

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24option Bonus
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24option Bonus Review

Many traders ask how to get the 100% bonus at 24option, so we decided to give you a detailed review on this 24option bonus.

To claim your bonus, you have to open a real account and make a deposit. Before you do that, please read the bonus terms and condition on 24option’s page.

Most of you probably confuse the bonus program with 24option’s trading competition, which runs every month and has a $100,000 prize pool. In this competition, winners might get their prizes as bonus cash, but the bonus program is something different.

24option Bonus Program

The bonus program has three levels:

25% bonus: 31 trades plan
50% bonus: 75 trades plan
100% bonus: 200 trades plan


  1. Level: You deposit $5,000 = 25 Trades; Your bonus is $1,250 = 6 Trades or 31 trades in total
  2. Level: You deposit $10,000 = 50 Trades; Your bonus is $5,000 = 25 Trades or 75 trades in total
  3. Level: You deposit $20,000 = 100 Trades; Your bonus is $20,000 = 100 Trades or 200 trades in total

Should I join 24option bonus program?

You need to carefully consider your options before joining the bonus program developed by 24option because, as you can see, it requires some serious deposits. It is good that you can trade with bonus money, but your initial deposit is still at risk. Our advice is to make deposits that you can afford to lose.

Significantly increasing your trading account is an advantage because it opens more possibilities for money management. You can trade with a lower percent of your total balance.

For example, if your account has $10,000 and you invest 5% for each trade ($500), your net profit is thus:

80% return x $500 = $400 net profit

However, if you have $15,000 in total, you can reduce your investment percent to 4% for each trade ($600):

80% return x $600 = $480 net profit

This way you reduce your risk by risking less money from your account and increase your potential profit on each binary trade.

How can I get the maximum 100% bonus?

The maximum bonus at 24option is 100%, but how do you get it? You simply need to start the 3rd Level with 100 additional trades.

Make a deposit of $20,000, and you will get 100% bonus ($20,000).

Thus, you will increase your bank account to $40,000.

One trade at 2% of your account = $800

80% return x $800 = $640 net profit

Keeping your trades at 2% is safe, but if you feel confident enough, you can increase them to 4%.

24option Bonus Terms

You need to reach a required trading volume in order to withdraw your bonus cash. At 24option, this volume could be up to 50 times the amount of your bonus.

For example, if you deposit $5,000, your bonus is 25% ($1,250). Reaching 50 times this bonus amount means 50 x $1,250 = $62,500 in trading volume.

Winning and losing trades both count toward your trading volume.

We assume now it is clear how to get the 100% bonus at 24option. Should you still have questions, 24option’s excellent support will always respond to your inquiries.