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24option Early Closure Tool Review

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Close the trade earlier

This is probably the best tool on 24option trading platform, the Early Closure allows you to close out your trades before the expiry time.

This means you already have purchased an option, but for some reason you decided that it would not expire in your favor and you would be able to close it.

The Early Closure is an easy to use tool and another profitable feature that 24option offers for successful trading.

How it works?

For example: One is trading EUR/JPY, before expiry time the trade is out-of-the-money so instead of losing all their investments, they can opt to Close the contract. You will receive back a percentage of your initial investment. When the trade is in-the-money you can Close on a small profit before expiry.


It works like this: 3 minutes after you have purchased the option the Early Closure becomes available with “Close” button appearing on the screen. Early Closure will be available until 5 minutes before the contract’s expiry time has come.

This is a very useful tool, because as you may know the markets could be unpredictable in some conditions. With the Early Closure tool 24option ensure the markets will be profitable in any condition. This tool is not available for all types of trading and assets. When it is available, you see a “Close” button.

The tool is mostly available for High/Low options within 15 min expiry time, assets: forex pairs and stocks. It is not available for 60 seconds or other short term options.