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24option Education Center Review

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4.3/5 of 3 ratings

Free Trading Lessons

24option education center for beginners is no doubt the best among the binary option brokers.

This is a truly positive sign as they really care for the traders and want them to be well educated before they start purchasing options on the platform.

The center offers free eCourse every week, trading video lessons and e-Book. All materials are free to use and it is just required to possess an account which is also free.

Free eCourse

The webinars are structured in way to inform the participants for all the important questions such as successful trades, risk, strategies, financial management and many more.

24option is using GotoMeeting platform for their eCourse so that traders can easy toggle between the screens and write their questions in real time.

The courses are scheduled 2-3 times a week in different time zones so that can be convenient for all traders.

Trading Video Lessons

Introduction – what binary options are and how to trade assets and all types of options; what the global trading market is and explanation of the important terms in the industry.

Trading Psychology – you will find out how to become a successful trader, important rules that will help you psychologically and tips how to stay calm while trading.


Financial Management – the principles of capital management, how to properly manage your capital - keeping losses low, taking profits high and what the risk levels are.

Market Analysis – this lesson covers fundamental analysis based on economic news, technical analysis – analyzing future market movements in comparison to past movements, factors that determine the price of a traded asset and the different types of charts.

Trading Platform Tutorial – this is an inside tutorial of 24option platform, you will see how to choose an asset and how to purchase contracts, how to read the graphics and how all platform’s features actually work.


The book covers everything from registration process, initial deposit, terms and conditions, types of binary options instruments, returns and refunds, expiry level, trade box, your open trades, closing positions, your account summary, trade history and banking.

Everything is explained so well that we doubt one would have any questions after reading it, but should you have, the support would always be kind enough to answer you.

Some of the information overlaps between the different sources: eCourse, video lessons, e-Book, but this is because each person has his own preferences for education.