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24option New Trading Platform in 2014

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What is new for the traders?

24option have launched new trading platform this year – traders can now use a bunch of new features including 30 seconds trading.

CySEC regulated company has upgraded their trading software in reply to all new trends in the industry.

After winning the ForexMagnates award “Best Binary Broker” in 2013 24option continue to lead the race on the binaries scene.

What is new on the trading platform?


  • 30 seconds trading
  • Candlestick charts
  • Trading Signals
  • Regular monthly competitions

30 seconds trading


The short term expiries are now 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. You can now profit on Forex and Stocks in just 30 seconds. Payouts on 30 seconds are 67% if your trade finishes in the money.

Candlestick Charts


The platform has now additional charts which pop-up in new window with green and red candles. You can still see a line chart on the trading platform but of course it is much more convenient to follow the price action in a bigger screen.

  • Chart types are: OHLC, Candles, Line, and Area.
  • Time scale: 1 min, 5 min, 30 min, and 60 min.
  • Tools: Crosshair, Drawing and Fibonacci

Trading Signals

You can connect your trading account with signals software – this is something 24option traders have waited to see for a long time. Now it is available free – you can stay up to date with the leading trading opportunities with no action required from your side.

Monthly Trading Competitions

This isn't from this year but now it is a regular thing at 24opion – every month a new competition starts and the prizes go up to $24,000.

Trading binaries at 24option has always been a pleasure but now by adding the charts platforms and the signals software it has become even more professional.


Wroe's picture

What about the signals? Are they free? Can I link my account directly so the trades will replicate? I enjoy the signals that I receive from BinaryOptionsPost now.

JAshbby's picture

Yeah there were a couple of members of the forum, who took part and one of them was at the top places, I can't remember if he won the prize though

Neweyy's picture

And what about this competitions? Does anyone took part in them?

JAshbby's picture

Well not only the charts if you ask me, as a whole I believe they are the best in the industry...many reasons

SpreadMullins's picture

Hi guys I see there is a discussion going on here. I have an account with Ubinary but I am not very happy with it. Can you offer me a broker to go with? ar 24 good?

Klee's picture

I'd give 10 out of 10 to 24Option, especially with the new charts available.

Neweyy's picture

Hey everyone, does it mean that 30 seconds options at 24option are also regulated?

JAshbby's picture

Hey Mate! Of course they are! 24Option are one of the leading brokers in the industry, they will definitely not go unregulated.

Neweyy's picture

Thanks, regulated 30 seconds binary options sound like a quite good opportunity. Do you have an account with them?