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60 seconds strategy - How to win trades

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Binary Trading

Some might say that 60 second trading is equal to gambling, but this strategy proves the opposite. If you know what are you doing and have strong money management, it is possible to make profits in a long run.

To be successful with this strategy, it is very important to avoid the majority of binary brokers. You need broker with a MT4 platform.

In the last couple of months, we have been working on a 60 seconds strategy with the traders in our forum. We need to say “thank you” to Mr. Vito Marchetta, who originally created this set up with custom indicators.

The strategy has many versions and has been updated many times. Over time, some of the indicators have been removed and new ones included in order to improve the strategy.

As with every 60 second strategy, the most important is the entry point, and this is where most of the effort has been focused. Once you install the indicators and start following the rules, you need to get your own feel for the strategy.

Who can use this strategy

If you ask a professional Forex trader about 60 second binary options, he or she will probably tell you it is a pure gambling. Well, if you don’t know what you are doing, it is gambling. When you follow a strong strategy combined with money management, it is possible to make profits.

If you are a complete rookie in binary trading, you can still understand the logic of the strategy, but you will lack experience in price action, which is important here. We recommend you trade for some months in the demo until you get a feel for the price movement and all of the indicators.

The purpose of the strategy

We need to locate a reversal in the price direction and ideally catch a small trend on the chart. Since we are looking for one-minute expiry, we analyze small patterns, and we are not really interested in the big picture.

You need to install some custom indicators to your MT4 and follow a set of rules, which will give you signals for Call and Put binary trades. It is very important to follow the exact rules and apply strong money management.

How to set up the strategy

You have to download all indicators, copy them into your MT4 and install that on the one-minute chart.

To copy indicators into MT4, take the following steps:

  • Download the custom indicators
  • Open Data Folder
  • Locate MQL4/Indicators folder
  • Copy/Past all indicators
  • Restart your MT4

To Install the indicators on a one-minute chart, do the following:

  • BO Sugarman: put Stoch Upper 95 and Stoch Lower 5
  • MBFX Timing: change Orange color to Red
  • MBFX System: change colors 1 and 4 to Aqua, on other colors select “None”
  • SMA Justin: change color 0 and 1 to Gold, color 2 and 3 to Red
  • Stochastic Alert: put Over Bought 95 and Over Sold 5

How to trade with this strategy

The best way to trade with this strategy is with a broker that offers the MT4 platform because you will set up custom indicators. It is also possible to use MT4 separately from your binary broker, but you might experience some delay in the entry levels.

Let’s see now what this 60 second strategy is about.

60 second Call trading

60 seconds strategy - call trading

We are waiting for the asset’s price to enter the oversold zone and to change the direction up.

  1. We will receive Stochastic Alert that the asset is in the oversold zone
  2. BO Sugarman will draw a vertical blue line
  3. MBFX timing will change colors from Yellow to Green and also will change direction Up
  4. SMA Justin gold arrow will appear at a close of a candle (that candle needs to open outside of the MBFX system bands)
  5. You can take a Call trade with one-minute expiry

60 seconds Put trading

60 seconds strategy - put trading

We are waiting for the asset’s price to enter the overbought zone and to change the direction down.

  1. We will receive Stochastic Alert that the asset is in the overbought zone
  2. BO Sugarman will draw a vertical purple line
  3. MBFX timing will change color from Yellow to Red and also will change direction Down
  4. SMA Justin gold arrow will appear at a close of a candle (that candle needs to open outside of the MBFX system bands)
  5. You can take a Put trade with one-minute expiry

These are the basic rules. Of course, you can modify the strategy with more indicators included. Some traders prefer to also add the RSX indicator and Moving Average, but I prefer more a simplified version with fewer indicators.

Important Tips

Do not gamble

It might happen that you do not get clear signals for some long periods. In such situations, we recommend you to step away and come back after few hours or the next day. Otherwise, you might take some wrong trades without following the exact rules.

What is the best time to trade?

This isn’t an easy question. You have to find out for yourself with more practice. Of course, it is better to practice in the demo. In our experience, London and New York sessions work well enough. If you are living in Australia, you will most probably trade in the Sydney session, and you are most welcome to share your experience.

Can I trade with five-minute expiries?

Yes, some traders are using the same set of indicators and trade strategy with five-minute expiries. The rules of the strategy are a bit modified for five-minute timeframes, but if you are an experienced trader, you can determine whether it works for you.

Money Management

You have to apply strong money management with the strategy in order to keep your losses low. What Mr. Vito recommends is a four trades rule: make four trades a day; if you lose two or more, stop trading for the day; If you win all four, continue trading until you lose one.

You need to consider your balance and how much your broker pays for 60 second trades. Most binary brokers pay you 70%, so you should find a broker with 80% payouts.

Important Market Data

You should avoid trading just before and after important market news.

The best broker for this strategy

CLMForex (Core Liquidity Markets) is an ASIC regulated broker with MT4 and offers binary options trading. You can install all custom indicators and trade directly on the MT4 platform. This broker offers 60 second expiries with an 80% payout, which makes it perfect for this strategy. You can choose among 12 currency pairs.

The broker offers a completely free demo account, so you can test and practice the strategy without losing any money.

best broker for 60 seconds strategy

In our experience, this strategy works well when you master it. Some weeks, you can reach up to an 80% win ratio. The lowest ratio we had in one week was 60%, which is not great but still good considering the 80% payouts at our broker.

We can’t guarantee you that you will also be profitable, but you can try the strategy and see if it suits you. You are welcome to share your feedback in the comments below. Good luck!


maximus74's picture

Hi All! Someone has an original Vito's strategy from binaryoptionsedge?

Toni H.'s picture

below in comments you can find download link

Toni H.
Malas's picture

Good day Guys from South Africa...

I have very good news.. I have been testing this and the best pairs for this strategy.. is EURGBP and NZDUSD. 85 - 90% ITM.. I think it is because these pairs are the pairs that is the least volatile pairs currently in the world..

Toni H.
Well done sir with the best indicator i have seen and tested... excellent..

Toni H.'s picture

You can download free indicators and template. To support our work you can register an account at HighLow ($50 cash back offer and $10,000 free demo)

Toni H.
Mirrella's picture

Hi again. Just to say that no response to my previous post is necessary. I have now watched a video of this strategy and learned that only lines two and four are left visible. I'm pleased to say that I'm having success with the strategy on the demo and will launch into the real trading account with it very soon. Thank you for sharing.

Toni H.'s picture

Nice, that you figured it out, here is the video on YouTube 60 seconds strategy please like and comment :)

Toni H.
Mirrella's picture

Thank you for this strategy. One question: I have seven bands of the MBFX system on my screen. When advised by the strategy to take a call or put when the candle is outside the band/s, does this mean totally outside all seven bands or one band in particular. In the screenshots on this page, only two bands are displayed - they appear to be blue/grey in colour. I'm thinking that the best put trades would occur when outside the outer red line and likewise, the best call trade when outside the outer green line. Am I correct?

kelvinrachmaninoff's picture

HI, I would like to ask sometimes when theres an alert, BO Sugarman dont draw a line, so do I need to wait for an alert and a Vertical line after it to trade?

kelvinrachmaninoff's picture

Hi Toni, I have sent you a private message in this fourm. Will be appreciate if you would provide the download link for your indicators. Thanks a lot!

macuto007's picture

Hello all, I'm very interested in this strategy but I've trying to get in touch with Tony Hamilton via Skype with no avail.

Can anyone send through the special indicators so I can set this up in MT4 and start demo trading?

Many thanks

ponson's picture

Hello to all.
I'm new, I wanted to know where to download this the "60 seconds strategy Strategy"

Thank you all in advance deposit.

Ashanta's picture

Dear, Thank you for sharing this strategy with us. I will try it also.

I have 2 questions :
1. I don't have the SMA gold arrows on the charts. What was wrong ? I only have blue and purple arrows.

2. Did I have to click on “Allow DLL imports” when dragging the indicators to the chart ??

Let me know, please. Thanks in advance.

Ashanta's picture

Answer 1: I got it, I forgot to change the colors on SMA

I need answer for question 2 and the following one :

What's the purpose of the 'lef timer' (in red) at the right bottom of the chart ? I don't really understand the reason to get this countdown.

Bettercall's picture

it just shows you when the candle will close, you can turn it off from the indicator settings

Swapan's picture

Hello, I want to know how I can bring the golden arrows closer to the candlesticks? I have attached a screenshot for your convenience. The golden arrows are not only so far away from the candles but some are hidden as well. In the screenshots above on this site, I see that the arrows are quite close to the candlesticks.

Swapan's picture

I would like to add that this is a 1 min chart.

Bettercall's picture

Maybe you just need to restart and instal indicators again :)

Marvin's picture

Hello BetterCall,

I have installed this strategy into my tm4 but sometimes i can not see my golden arrow, simply bcoz screen is too crowded with the timing clock. and also very zoomed in. Is there anyway i can remove the clock,candle countdown timer? Also kindly give yo email so that i can send u a screenshot.

The strategy seems to work 90% of the time if one follows a strict criteria.


Bettercall's picture

Hi, go to boSugarman setting / Inputs / Show_LeftTime select False

percymissunana's picture

hi, I've just downloaded this strategy and set it up on the metatrader 4 platform but I don't know how to set metatrader so I can place 60sec trades. can someone help me please. thanks

gerry's picture

Been trying this on Au and Asian sessions. Using CLM on MT4 with BO plugin. This is not a very elegant solution. The BO currency level and the MT4 currency levels are quite a lot adrift. Also tried on Ayrex. Probably prefer Ayrex. If I follow all the rules I get quite a good strike rate - vary those rules and bad things happen! Still writing my own rules for this and underlining the vital bits.

Nitya Sri's picture

Wow..I went thru the hassle process to sign up just to say thank you for this page! And for your site! I am definitely going to try this. I assume it works on all pairs? Please share what other strategies you are using to get a high percentage ITM!

Nitya Sri
jimmylai's picture

I tried this strategy in Asia Session. Place 7 trades with 2 lost and 5 Wins. I will continue to test it and share the result.

jimmylai's picture

Execute 7 trades with 5 wins and 2 lost on 20 May 2016.

jimmylai's picture


I found that for some case SMA Justin gold arrow appear at a close of a candle (that candle open outside of the MBFX system bands) but MBFX timing still in yellow.

In this case, shall I wait till MBFX timing change to RED before I take the PUT trade? Shall I put the put trade at the close of the candle where the MBFX timing just change to RED?

Your reply is highly appreciated.

Bettercall's picture

Always wait for the red and change in direction!

jimmylai's picture

Dear BetterCall, Many thx for your reply. I' doing some practice in the demo account. Is the sequence matter?

Scenario 1: MBFX timing change colors from Yellow to Green and also will change direction Up first and then wait SMA Justin gold arrow appear at a close of a candle (that candle needs to open outside of the MBFX

Scenario 2: SMA Justin gold arrow appear at a close of a candle (that candle needs to open outside of the MBFX and then wait for MBFX timing change colors from Yellow to Green and also will change direction Up.

shankaramotay's picture

Hi, i've tested the strategy, thanks for sharing, works pretty well. And, i have a 100% win rate when following the rules of the strategy and also when MBFX timer indicator shows an overbought 95.00 or an oversold 05.00, then I buy or sell for the next 3 minutes.

jimmylai's picture

Dear ShanKaramotay,

Thx for sharing your experience. It will be great if you can share with us how long you have tested this strategy? How many trades in total you have tested?

jimmylai's picture

Hi, First of all, thx a million for sharing the strategy. I have installed the indicator and read the description above. However, I dont understand when to put the trade. SMA Justin gold arrow will appear at a close of a candle (that candle needs to open outside of the MBFX system bands). Does it mean that once the gold arrow found, after the close of a candle, then place the 1 min trade immediately? I saw a few blue line in the chart and believe that it's a MBFX system bands. If the candle open inside the MBX system bands, does it mean that the signals are invalid? Any other document teach us more details how to use the signal? It will be more helpful if I can read this document.

Bettercall's picture

In my experience when SMA Justin gold arrow appears it is best to place a trade at the close of the candle, trading outside the MBX system bands is also recommended. What I would suggest you is to open demo account and start trading and testing the strategy. Find what time is best for you to place a trade.

jimmylai's picture

Thanks for your comments. THis helps a lot.

Chathura Pamod's picture

I'm a new user of BOsugarman. I do usually execute trades when the SMA justin arrow appears and the MMBFX timing indicator's colour changes to red/green from yellow. all the above requirements should complete at the same exact moment when the candle closes.

Chathura Pamod
sygoh168's picture


The setting of "bosugarman signals" is set at expiration minutes @ exp_M5, but the trading is on the M1 chart. Should it be changed to exp_M1 instead ?

Been using this strategy for nearly 2 weeks, average about 70% win rate.

Usually by the time the yellow arrow appears, entering the trade seems a little late and at time, direction turn against initial intended direction.

Is there any way to improve accuracy without the use of lagging indicators ?

Your urgent detail point to point answer will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Bettercall's picture

Hi Sygoh, it shows expiry 5 min, but it is actually 1 min and you can disable it in the settings of the indicator if you like. All indicators are lagging, otherwise we will all make profits :) You can improve your results with learning price action.

djirka's picture

Hi. I really love your strategy. I'm testing it on my demo account right now and it really seems to work perfectly. However it requires a lot of time spent watching the graphs and I don't have that time. Is it possible to set a sound alert, when for example the BO Sugarman indicator draws a vertical line? I couldn't find it anywhere. It would be a lot of help for me, as I could have Metatrader opened in the backround and be notified only when an oportunity of making a trade might come. Thank you

Bettercall's picture

Unfortunately bo sugarman signal doesn't have an alert, this is why we use Stochastic Alert.

lhatcher's picture

Hi, is this strategy still reaching 80% ITM. Any variations on this strategy?

Bettercall's picture

Hi, some weeks I reach 80%, but I take not more than 10-12 trades.