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60 seconds trading strategy using rebound from SR levels

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Short term expiry strategy

This is a quick to use binary options strategy which may bring you high earnings by investing in 60 seconds options.

Many brokers are offering 60 seconds trading but not all of them allow you unlimited investments on short term expiry.

This is a relatively new options type, which is already used by both novice and experienced traders. With its help, you can make a profit in just a minute after the investment. The main advantage of the strategy is the short duration of 60 seconds, which allows traders to apply some risk minimizing strategies.

How to perform this 60 seconds strategy?

You just need to wait for signs of clear trends – when the curve steadily goes up or down. Such a trend often appears when the market falls or after financial news publication.

You need to invest in accordance with the behavior of the curve – choose Call – when the curve goes up or Put – when the curve is directed downwards.

Since 60 seconds options usually expire faster than the trend reverses, you can significantly increase your budget for a few minutes.

It is important to understand the high risks because in such a short time, even a slight fluctuation of the exchange rate could bring you a loss, so you should invest in 60 seconds options only in the case of a strong trend.

Typically, such trends do not last very long or in other words from a few up to 10 minutes frames, depending on the asset and the market situation. Anyway it will be enough to make some good amount of money.

Using support and resistance for 60 seconds trading

Since catching the trends while trading 60 seconds options can be as risky as trying to catch a wave while surfing, you can use the support and resistance lines as an auxiliary tool. 60 seconds binary options strategy can bring good profits even by using this simple analysis.

Once you see the formation of a new line of support or resistance, and the price touches the line and turns – just invest in the direction of the turn.


Familiar for many traders Head and Shoulders pattern can also be useful for such short time intervals. Once you see a full forming pattern or the time when the price breaks the neckline, you can safely invest according to the price direction.

Using Stochastic Oscillator for 60 seconds trading

There are some more indicators a trader can use. For example, many like to use the Stochastic Oscillator with default settings. Once reaching the top level of the indicator the price shows the turn – it is a signal for investment.

Price chart must be always set to a minute timeframe. Using Stochastic Oscillator it is very convenient to invest when the rate is growing and falling.


60 seconds strategy is not suitable for everyone, but it allows you to make quick money. Average payout from brokers offering 60 second options is 70%. It is often possible to meet the minimum investment amount of $5.