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Ayrex Contest - Trading competition - No deposit required

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Ayrex Contest
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The Binary Blast

Ayrex free contest is one of the few trading competitions with no deposit required. You just need to register and start trading with demo money. The cash prizes have no volume requirements, and withdrawals are allowed at any time.

You can join now the next free contest and win $100 in less than one hour.

The Binary Blast is a trading competition for binary options that gives you the unique opportunity to make real cash with a demo account. Ayrex’s contest runs three times a week, and you can participate in every competition with no limitations. The contest rounds are held on every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Ayrex Binary Blast

Ayrex Contest Rules

Everyone who is over 18 can participate in this contest. The best part is that there is no deposit required, so you don’t need to spend any funds from your live account. You will trade with demo money. Your demo account for the contest is automatically created upon registration and is used solely for this contest.

To participate in the competition and qualify for some of the cash prizes, you need to follow some rules:

  • Everyone starts with $1,000 balance
  • Maximum trade amount of a single open position is $500
  • Maximum trade amount of simultaneously open positions is $500
  • Only short-term trades are allowed (1 min, 2 min, 3 min, or 5 min)
  • The last trade can be opened no later than 5 minutes before the end of the contest
  • The contest lasts for one hour

Ayrex Prizes Terms

  • For each contest, eight winners will be announced, and they will be awarded cash prizes
  • Only traders with balances higher than the initial $1,000 can qualify as winners
  • The winner is decided by the greatest balance at the end of the contest
  • The cash prizes are transferred to the traders’ real accounts
  • The cash prizes can be withdrawn without any limitations (no trading volume is required)

Contest Prize Pool

The total prize pool fund is $300 and is divided among the eight winners by the following structure:

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $75
  • 3rd place = $50
  • 4th place = $25
  • 5th place = $20
  • 6th place = $15
  • 7th place = $10
  • 8th place = $5

Ayrex Binary Blast is a fair contest with clear rules that gives you the opportunity to make real cash with no initial deposit. Just follow the registration for the contest and your demo account will be created automatically.

The contest terms presented in this article are accurate at the time of writing, and you should be aware that a change of rules or cancelation of the contest might happen at any time.