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Best brokers with Refer a Friend promotion

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The best social promotion

One of the major reasons for opening a Binary Options trading account is the desire of traders to make the highest possible return on their trading funds.

And in a moment like this the refer a friend promotion is something that you can use as additional bonus.

The social binary trading promotion gives very attractive solution to enjoy much more the trading and at the same time get extra money on top of your earnings and deposits.

Get more money using the special promotions

In order to achieve the financial goals, each and every investment should be carefully analyzed based on the market news, statistics and changes. Traders should be able to use their trading strategies and maximize their profit.

What is really important in a successful trading strategy is that traders will have at his disposal a solid amount of funds which can be used. Once you have made a deposit with real money to your trading account, you want to see this amount growing. More money into your account gives you the opportunity to invest in more trading platforms.

The best way to increase the funds in your account is by taking advantage of the different bonus and promotional programs offered by the brokers. Basically, when you deposit real money you get a sign up bonus. The minimum amount of deposit, the sign up bonus and the withdrawal policy varies by each and every broker. Some even will offer you cash back or bonuses on additional deposits.

We all like bonuses and promotions. By getting them, we feel like we are appreciated and that the broker really values us for choosing his trading platform.

The sense of refer a friend promotion

Besides the bonus programs that have been mentioned above, now we will talk about an additional way to increase the money in your trading account with no risk and not too much effort required.

The program which can do that for you and which is offered by some of the best brokers on today’s Binary market is called the “Refer a Friend” program.

The companies that you see on this page are best brokers that value your business and want you to promote their great trading platforms to the people in your social circle.

These brands know that once you are satisfied with their outstanding services and tools, you will probably share your investment experience with the people that you know and recommend them the exciting world of Binary trading.

This recommendation made by you will be generously rewarded by the above mentioned brokers. In the next paragraphs you will be able to find out the particulars and the benefits of each “Refer a Friend" program that we are discussing in this article.

List of the best brokers recommended to friends

#1 Broker

With iOption the process of referring a friend is easy. You just need to click on the “Refer a Friend” link on their website and provide some basic information of the people that you think might be interested in Binary Option trading.

After you have done that, iOption will send them an invitation to become a client of iOption and if they enroll and open an account you will be eligible to get $50 for each person that you have referred.

The more people you send, the higher the chance is that you will add money to your trading account completely risk free.

#2 Broker

With Ubinary there is no limit of the number of people that you can invite.

When you invite somebody to open an account and they make their first deposit, and open five trading positions, you will be entitled to a free bonus of up to $100.

#3 Broker

When you refer somebody to Opteck and they decide to open an account and make a deposit, you will be entitled to a bonus of %25 of the amount that the referred person will add to his account.

This means that the bigger the deposit is, the bigger the bonus that you will get will be. This is not everything this great program has to offer.

As your friend finalizes his registration you will get an extra $50 to your account and your friend will get an extra $25 to his own account.

Taking advantage of the “Refer a Friend” programs of best binary brokers is something that each and every trader should consider.

- If you are an existing trader who is satisfied with the platform that you are using, just recommend it and enjoy the rewards.

- If you are somebody who is considering entering the Binary Options trading world and you know other people who want to become a part of it, it might be a good idea to discuss this bonus program with them, open an account, invite them and enjoy the bonus.

The referring process is simple and easy. You need to enter very basic information and in some cases contact the outstanding support teams of the brokers that you are referring to.

Make your friends thank you for introducing them to the Binary Options world. Trade, discuss, build strategies and invest together to succeed.

Never forget that the “Refer a Friend” program is a great way to increase your trading account balance risk free.

You can recommend this page to every of your friends to check the advantages and make his own decision which is the best broker. So you can easily create a good social group of known traders.