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Binary Ltd is a licensed and regulated company that has provided online derivatives trading to retail traders since 1999. On a highly developed platform, offers binary options trading with payouts up to 120%.

You can start your test drive risk-free with a $10,000 demo account. Easy registration takes less than 30 seconds. has a number of products, including two web platforms and two mobile apps, for trading binary options. The broker also runs Forex and CFDs trading on the MetaTrader 5 platform. More experienced traders can build their own robots using an advanced programming tool called Binary Bot.

In the following review, we focus on the web platform, which allows traders to create binary options with returns up to 120% and exotic options with payouts up to 1900%. platform Navigation

In a few clicks, traders may create a binary option that starts today and will expire in one minute or in one year. By playing with Touch/No Touch options, you can increase your potential return up to 1900%. The exotic options are, of course, a risky game, but they clearly show the high potential of the platform.

It is customizable software, and you can create binary options to suit your trading style.

Duration or End of Time

If you trade 5-minute or 15-minute expiries, you need to select Duration and choose your desired expiry time. When you trade daily or weekly options, you have to select End of Time and put the exact date and time on the calendar.

Payout or Stake

Select Payout if you want to determine the amount you risk + net profit, or you can use Stake if you want to put only the amount you will risk.

Up/Down trading trading platform

Up/Down trading is the most common trading at and allows you to place trades from the current market price or place pending orders. The expiry time for your option could be from one minute up to one year. For example, you can set a duration of 5 minutes expiry or set an end of time for 20:00 GMT the same day.

The maximum payout is about 120% and depends on direction (Up or Down), expiry time and the volatility of the currency pair. You will receive the best payout for tick trades.

Higher/Lower trading higher lower trading allows you to set up target price, which is different from the current market price, by adding or subtracting pips. Thus, you can increase your potential payout up to 1300% or even greater, depending on the expiry time. The target price is called Barrier. Your option should close strictly higher or lower at the end of expiry.

Touch/No Touch trading touch trading

Touch/No Touch trading is similar to Higher/Lower trading, but here you can profit even before the original expiry if the market price touches your target price. For example, the current price of EUR/USD is 1.1936 and you set an option that, in one month, the price will touch the 1.2400 level. The event could happen in a shorter period, and you will pocket your profit before the original expiry of one month. Your potential payout could be up to 1900%.

In/Out Trading in out trading

You set your option with High and Low levels, which form a range on the chart. To receive the payout, your option should close strictly in the range or out of the range. For example, you set a range on EUR/USD with a one-week expiry. During the week, EUR/USD might break the range, but at the end of expiry, the pair should be strictly in or out.

Stays In/Goes Out exotic options

This is probably the riskiest type of trading at as you may set the range in which the pair stays, but if it breaks the range even once before the expiry, you will lose your stake. For example, you select EUR/USD to stay in the range 1.1994 to 1.1900 with a one-day expiry. To pocket your payout, the pair must not break the range during that day.

Portfolio/Sell at Market portfolio

You can see all your opened positions on the Portfolio page, where you might sell back the option before the original expiry to cut your losses. You can find the entry spot, remaining time of expiry and potential payout of your contract also on the Portfolio page. It is all recorded and displayed clearly with the exact time of your entry and the market price.

Charting tools charting tool

The charting tools are also quite advanced, considering the tick charts and the large number of indicators available. Traders can use over 100 different indicators, including pattern recognitions, such as Engulfing, Hammer, Harami, Shooting Star and Dragonfly Doji. You can also save templates and load them later, which shows the platform is pretty smart.

We can easily say the platform is a high-quality product that can suit all trading styles. It offers web and mobile trading options in a flexible and regulated environment. Traders have plenty of tools to increase potential profit up to 1900% and to minimize risk with only 10% payouts on successful trades.

The company is regulated in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan, which gives it additional credit. You can try the software with no risk; the $10,000 demo account is available free with all features included.