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Binary 0-100 - Advanced tool for trading binary options

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Binary 0-100 Review

Binary 0-100 is probably the most profitable tool for trading binary options online. The profit could go up to 1.000% on a single trade.

It is highly advanced and designed for experienced traders that can a make short term forecast.

The following review is made by our team of professional traders. It is based on a real trading session at one of the most popular binary options platforms – Anyoption.

Binary 0-100 Review

The tool generates financial events on currency pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD or events on commodities such as gold and crude oil. An example of an event may be: will EUR/USD be higher than 1.29673 at 19.15 today or not. 

You can buy the event if you believe that it will take place or sell it if you predict that it will not. 

BUY – That means you risk the purchase price, and you can profit by the difference between the purchase price and 100. At this tool you have the opportunity to buy more than one option so your profit comes from the difference multiplied by the number of purchased options. 

SELL – By selling the option, the difference between the selling price to 100 is what you risk. If your prediction is correct you will earn the selling price. Here again you can sell more than one option so the profit is multiplied by the number of sold options. 

How it works?

In order to explain you how it really works we will take an example directly from the trading tool. The event is: will the EUR/USD be higher than 1.29673 at 19:15 today or not.

binary 0-100 how it works

As you can see on the image the current rate of EUR/USD is 1.29653 so the event is more likely not to happen. For that reason the profit on BUY (125.73%) is bigger than the profit on SELL (52.44%).

If you believe the event will happen you can buy the option for 44.30 (max risk) and your max profit will be the difference to 100 = 55.70. In order this event to take place, the rate of EUR/USD has to reach the level of 1.29674 or higher.

You can sell the option if you predict that the event will not happen. In this case you will risk 65.60 and your profit will be the difference to 100 = 34.40. Here the profit is lower because the current rate on EUR/USD is below 1.29673.

Right next to the BUY and SELL buttons is situated a drop down menu where you can select number of options that you want to buy or sell.

Very high profits

With the expiry time coming close the profits on this tool could go as high as 1.000%.

Very high profits binary 0-100

Below you can see what happens with the same event a few minutes later. The profit on BUY is 599.30% as the current EUR/USD rate is 1.29592 and the target level is 1.29674. So the event is more likely not to happen and the profit on SELL is only 4.60%.

This tool gives you the opportunity to trade binary options with extremely high profits. The only platform that provides such tool is Anyoption so to be able to trade on Binary 0-100 you should have an account there. Open your account now and start your high profit trading up to 1.000%.