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BinaryMate Review - A scam with a goodbye kiss?

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Binarymate review

These fellows are good

I have to admit these fellows are good. Aside from the fact that BinaryMate looks like a typical scam broker from 2012, these guys have done it right. Putting girls on camera is a genius idea. Just direct some poor bastards to the website, and the girls will do the rest. It is a money-making machine. Accepting US traders, makes them thrilled.

Now, the binary industry is on fire. No problem. They just change the name to CFDs. It is all cool. Except the little fact these trading instrument are not CFDs. Create a fake sign saying “Regulated”, and now this broker is even legit. How easy! Now, the poor bastards will deposit even more because their money is protected by the financial regulators.

“Withdrawals in 1 hour” seems like a fair deal, right? Except it actually takes one hour after approval, and the approval process could take nearly forever.

When you open the BinaryMate website, you see “Trade CFDs”, “Get 100$ bonus”, “Profit in 60 seconds”. Wait a minute. Profit in 60 seconds with CDFs? is that correct? This definitely sounds more like binary options.

Just click on “Account Funding”, and you will see the old binary bonus scheme with bronze, gold, platinum and diamond accounts. Of course, the diamond account has all the good stuff, including a Swiss prepaid card, risk free trades, a personal success manager who will make you a fortune and a limo that will drive you to your job every day.

Why that sullen face, mate? Of course, you will have champagne showers with the girls in the limo every morning. But wait, why you need to go to work when your success manager will make you rich? Yep, you better quit your job, and let the manager make the big bucks so you can enjoy the fish spa.

What if you get bored? No worries mate. BinaryMate has a new game for you. It is called BinBotPro, and it will make you even more cash. Just put more money into your trading account, and this robot will double it in a day. Can you believe this?

So, the success manager is sweating, making you big bucks, and the robot is also racking in the money, but where does all this money come from? Frankly, I don’t know. You need to ask the guy running BinaryMate. Probably, he is a crazy bastard with good manners and tons of cash.

The FCA should look more closely into this guy. If this is a UK-based company, the financial regulator may be interested. Some guy making poor bastards rich sounds like a great fairy tale. Maybe the UK tabloids should write a story about it.

Why BinaryMate is a scam

Binarymate bonus

Let’s get back to reality. The fact is that this broker is not regulated by any financial regulator. You can’t open a free demo account and check on the trading platform. I have to deposit $250 to have a demo account? What? Are you serious?

You also see the old bonus scheme presented here, where they offer you tons of “free” stuff, like risk-free trades, master class, prepaid card and so on.

I can tip the girl if I like her. I am not joking. There is a button “Give tip”, and you can give the girl $50 or more. Wait, am I trading on this platform or I am gambling in a casino. Will this girl spin the roulette? Maybe if I keep tipping her, she will take off her shirt. Okay baby! Keep rollin’ it. I will go hit the jackpot on a slot machine and marry you in Vegas.

The biggest joke is the weekend trading. Just ask them how they provide the price quotes. You’re gonna like it, I promise you.

Binarymate video chat girl

BinaryMate could do anything but offer financial services. This binary broker looks more like casino to me. Unfortunately, when you lose your money, you won’t get a kiss from the girl, but if you are lucky, you might get a smile. If you hit the jackpot, you might get a smile from the girl in the picture above. Yep, they are real and waiting for you. Good luck mate!