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Yiandros System - A scam or a charity foundation?

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Hello guys, I would like to share my experience with Mr John Yiandros. He is one of the guys who spam the internet with his skype and email promising you “the best” binary strategy in the world called Yiandros System.

I am sure many of you have seen such posts in youtube and forums. I found Mr Yiandros spamming on BOS Signals app (btw very good FREE signals - I want to thank you guys) and claiming he never asks for money for his strategies and he only aims to help beginners. He was also claiming that he detest binary brokers and he wants they to pay the price now when he makes profitable traders. Well, I decided to join their group and here is what happened:

First a guy called Jahn Kula told me that they are working in cooperation with BOS Signals and most of the traders joined the group from there. Later I found BOS signals have nothing to do with Mr Yiandros.

I asked for the strategy sample but this guy Jahn Kula was only pushing me to register an account at IQ option (with his affiliate links) and to deposit money. He was promoting some tournament called Crazy Chicken where you have to make some 15 win trades in a row. If you win the tournament they will teach you the strategy for free. Well, thanks a lot but I am a beginner and if I can win 15 trades in a row I would not ask Mr Yiandros for his help. But obviously the idea is me to lose money at IQ option and Mr Yiandros to make 50% commission with his affiliate program.

Later some guy Suraj Singh ask me to register at Noafx with his affiliate link and when I open a real account he will send me some set up for weekend trading OTC. I am not sure what is this weekend trading but when I ask for weekday strategy he told me that the Princess will give to me once I have an account at Noafx. Who is that Princess?

Finally I spoke with Mr Yiandros and here is the interesting part :) He sent me some set up and told me that if I want help in understanding the system he could give me one on one lesson for $100. But I thought it was free? Then Mr Yiandros told me that this $100 are for charity and he and some lady called Leonie help kids and mothers in need.

He told me that they help people in Australia, what sounds strange to me considering it is one of the richest countries in the world. So I supposed they help some aboriginal tribes with clothes and food?

I asked him several times about the name of this charity fund but did not get any answer. I also did not get a clear answer to the question "Are you sure that my $100 will be spent for clothes for people in need?". Instead he got angry and pointing to his group rules and send me a paypal account where to send $100 or he will remove from the group.

He also told me that I need to open account at Noafx with his link? Well as far I as I know with affiliate links they send clients to Noafx and make money (30% commission) when those clients lose trades. So they are promising you to teach you and make you profitable trader but at the same time they are happy you to lose money at Noafx? Does this sounds logic? Yes sure, what not making some money from newbies' losses.

He sent me some screenshots from his account with over 20 wins in a row ($10,000 trades with 15 min expiry and 70% payout). So I am asking myself when this guy is making $7K every 15 minutest why he spent 3 hours in chatting with me asking for $100 for his charity fund? This guy is a real treasure for the world.

Be aware and please share this to other forums and let beginners know what happens when they chat with some of these guys.

Yiandros System 1

Yiandros System 2

Yiandros System 3

Yiandros System 4

Yiandros System 5


battleheights's picture

If you're not sure whether the system works, why do you say it's suspicious. spend some time and look at it first idiot

MikkiFunk's picture

Sweetheart, I am trading Forex since 10 years now, I don't need some old daddy to teach me a binary shit strategy and me to lick his balls in return, sorry but I don't have time for your charity campaign..

Suraj's picture

Link to evidence

Here is a snippet of our actual conversation.. So if we are so into you losing money and us supposedly getting money from it....then why would I tell you to use demo and only go live when you know you can make profit..there is no need for unnecessary hatred to people that only try to help..since I joined this group it has changed my life since it is the only legit place I have found that teaches you how to trade instead of following signals for the rest of your life..

P.s. when you make the account for demo on NoaFX you don't even deposit any money so I don't know how you would lose it.


coconuts's picture

And how you make profit when you don't deposit money? Why you are asking for registration with your affiliate links?

Suraj's picture

You make profit only when you have tested on demo and can consistently get over 70% ITM minimum because at this point you can deposit because you know you will make money. I explained this to you several times throughout our conversation but it is clear that you do not want to understand and only want to hate.

coconuts's picture

I don't hate, I just ask why I have to register to Noafx with your affiliate link? What is your idea behind?

coconuts's picture

Suraj, you might also consider the possibility of Mr Yiandros giving you free English lessons.

Suraj's picture

Why would I need English lessons. You are the one that cannot read. Obviously replying to you is useless and fueling your hatred therefore I will not give you any more attention. Goodbye.

Diana Gordon's picture

I also am a member of Yiandros trading system. In no way is this blog truthful about the creators and trainers.

Before I joined here, I was losing hope of ever learning to trade profitably, after almost another year of trying to learn through another organization (that cost more money and I didn't trade consistently, so I was losing money every month). I learned more in less than a month than I ever did with the other trainers in almost a year of training. Jahn Kula is a master trader, who created the Crazy Chicken trading strategy and helpful indicators on the IQ Option platform, and gives us all signals of what and when to trade every day, as well as John Yiandros, who created his system on Noafx MT4 platform, which in all reality is a work of art. Both IQ Option and Noafx asks for a minimum deposit with $1 being the minimum trade amount. What other brokerages do that? As well, they have demo accounts which we can use to practice our craft and bring our success rates up to over 70% before trading with real money.

This libelous blogger has no idea what he is talking about. Most of us lost a lot of money though unscrupulous brokers in the past, and we are all learning how to beat them at their own game. There are some real life superstars among us who are trading much much MUCH better than any of the brokers I have had the misfortune to meet with and lose thousands of dollars through their advice and trading; the horror stories go on and on... We are now digging out from the rubble those brokers have left. Is $100 AUD too much? REALLY??? Yes, all of the money is going to charity to help moms and children in diar straights and in need of help; none of it is lining anyone else's pockets. Although as the libelous blogger mentioned, Australia is one of the richest countries, but that doesn't mean there aren't people who need help.

Come on blogger, give your head a shake. These people have dedicated themselves to create wonderful systems and train all of the members so we can all be the masters of our financial world, and I can't say enough good things about all of these wonderful people. I now have hope for a bright future, and that alone, is priceless.

Diana Gordon
battleheights's picture

I echo the sentiments of the previous 2 posters and stand 100% in support of the Yiandros system and the creator John Yiandros.

Before you go shooting your mouth off, do some proper research dude. Yes and it sounds like you know nothing about trading. For your information, OTC is more commonly referred to as over-the-counter trading. Go educate yourself:

It's people like you that go off half cocked with all your self righteous stuff that gives me the shits.