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Yiandros System - A scam or a charity foundation?

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Hello guys, I would like to share my experience with Mr John Yiandros. He is one of the guys who spam the internet with his skype and email promising you “the best” binary strategy in the world called Yiandros System.

I am sure many of you have seen such posts in youtube and forums. I found Mr Yiandros spamming on BOS Signals app (btw very good FREE signals - I want to thank you guys) and claiming he never asks for money for his strategies and he only aims to help beginners. He was also claiming that he detest binary brokers and he wants they to pay the price now when he makes profitable traders. Well, I decided to join their group and here is what happened:

First a guy called Jahn Kula told me that they are working in cooperation with BOS Signals and most of the traders joined the group from there. Later I found BOS signals have nothing to do with Mr Yiandros.

I asked for the strategy sample but this guy Jahn Kula was only pushing me to register an account at IQ option (with his affiliate links) and to deposit money. He was promoting some tournament called Crazy Chicken where you have to make some 15 win trades in a row. If you win the tournament they will teach you the strategy for free. Well, thanks a lot but I am a beginner and if I can win 15 trades in a row I would not ask Mr Yiandros for his help. But obviously the idea is me to lose money at IQ option and Mr Yiandros to make 50% commission with his affiliate program.

Later some guy Suraj Singh ask me to register at Noafx with his affiliate link and when I open a real account he will send me some set up for weekend trading OTC. I am not sure what is this weekend trading but when I ask for weekday strategy he told me that the Princess will give to me once I have an account at Noafx. Who is that Princess?

Finally I spoke with Mr Yiandros and here is the interesting part :) He sent me some set up and told me that if I want help in understanding the system he could give me one on one lesson for $100. But I thought it was free? Then Mr Yiandros told me that this $100 are for charity and he and some lady called Leonie help kids and mothers in need.

He told me that they help people in Australia, what sounds strange to me considering it is one of the richest countries in the world. So I supposed they help some aboriginal tribes with clothes and food?

I asked him several times about the name of this charity fund but did not get any answer. I also did not get a clear answer to the question "Are you sure that my $100 will be spent for clothes for people in need?". Instead he got angry and pointing to his group rules and send me a paypal account where to send $100 or he will remove from the group.

He also told me that I need to open account at Noafx with his link? Well as far I as I know with affiliate links they send clients to Noafx and make money (30% commission) when those clients lose trades. So they are promising you to teach you and make you profitable trader but at the same time they are happy you to lose money at Noafx? Does this sounds logic? Yes sure, what not making some money from newbies' losses.

He sent me some screenshots from his account with over 20 wins in a row ($10,000 trades with 15 min expiry and 70% payout). So I am asking myself when this guy is making $7K every 15 minutest why he spent 3 hours in chatting with me asking for $100 for his charity fund? This guy is a real treasure for the world.

Be aware and please share this to other forums and let beginners know what happens when they chat with some of these guys.

Yiandros System 1

Yiandros System 2

Yiandros System 3

Yiandros System 4

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Ok, richi rich can you send me link to your charity fund?

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Finally got that took a bit to set up on here.....

Anyways, I wanted to tell people on here about me and my situation. I am a finance director of three car dealerships by day (chevy and ford). I have been wanting to get into the market and forex and binary, but like many i fell into the traps. Now, I wasnt dumb enough to fall for say the "Zulander Hack", though there are some out there that do a pretty darn good job of covering up a scam. I tried 50kmissionssystems (bust-dont bother), by the way same creator of 50ksystems is the same creator of the Golddigger one too, tried signals system, binaryrobot, and others. Just to see if one would work. Well of course they didnt. I'll get to the biggest reason this system is legit in a moment. So I was going around on the internet reading youtube reviews and I come across this crazy chicken thing. It intrigued me, so I wanted to know more, I emailed and was sent a skype request. I joined and was told the same thing by Mr. Yiandros, that I had a week to decided if I wanted to hang around or not. Now at this point I have never heard of a $100/mo fee. He did say I needed a one on one. You know what. I DO. If I wanted to learn how to play the piano or guitar, the best and quickest way to a successful outcome is by having a one-on-one with a professional. I would of course go hire and pay a teacher. Same concept here guys. Different strategies work for different people. People work differently than others. I came into the skype chatroom, and Jahn K was there to greet me. Excellent. Jahn mentioned the broker setup and everything, however, this is required for eveything to work. It revolves around it. Jahn K NOT ONCE pressured me, didnt tell me to put in more money, sent me what i needed and let me know that Mr. Yiandros would reach out to me (for those scammed many times has this been promised??? Did you get that reach out they promised?) A day or so later, Mr. Yiandros reached out. HERE IS THE LEGIT PART...THE NO SCAM PART. I NEVER USED THEIR BROKER. NEVER WENT TO THE SITE AT THIS POINT. JSUT STARTED TALKING WITH HIM. For those familiar with the market, as i have just learned, there aren't that many brokers accepting people from the United States. IQOPTION, who Yiandros "recommends," does not accept people in the united states. I spoke to Mr Yiandros about this, he said "Oh, no prob. It can work with pretty much any broker, and also ecn. Just a different way. I fizzled out for about 4-5 days, and came back because I want the guidance. THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN THE MONEY RIGHT NOW. LET ME TELL YOU WHAT THIS MAN DID: So i get on skype and message him. Now, still havent been hit up for $100/mo yet. This man chats with me for three hours on skype, along with the rest of the community. Princess and Jahn K, all there, all trading, all sharing screenshots of what was going on right at that moment. Kuhna hit a $9400 Put and showed a screenshot saying "COME TO PAPA". My point is that coming into the room, talking with Yiandros, and seeing all the activity....this is where I need to be. And whats more, I would pay the $77 USD/mo to someone that i thought would help me succeed. Of course proof will follow, and if not, then monthly money will stop. Buy aren't you covering it with a few winning trades. Now, time to set everything up. I am in the US, a little bit different. It took me, excuse me, "i took" almost 4 hours of Mr. Yiandros time to help me set up and understand. I still dont have it all yet. We have a skype set up for tomorrow as well, if he is free (this impressed me too: SUNDAY TIME IS HIS FAMILY TIME). I DIDNT USE HIS BROKER, I NEVER CLICKED THE LINK. HE KNOWS THAT. HE ALSO KNOWS I AM FROM THE US, SO THE BROKER WONT BE GETTING MY MONEY ANYWAYS. HE STILL SPENDS 4 HOURS WITH ME. I FELT SO BAD ASKING HIM ALL THESE QUESTIONS, BUT HE HUNG RIGHT IN THERE AND CONTINUED ON WITH ME. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT. THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Think about it. i HAVE SOFTWARE THAT WILL COPY OTHER TRADERS ACTIVITES FOR SAY 30-50/MO. iS THIS NOT THE SAME THING. Only difference is that I ACTUALLY want to learn it and not just have it all done for me like most of the whiners and complainers you will find on these kind of posts about good and honest systems. He hasnt got a pennny out of me....yet he is already about 5 hours vested in me. If there is a fee to have his guidance, I will chalk that up to the community fee and gladly pay it. It's worth $77/mo just to see the funny and crazy stuff that goes on inside their. HAHAHA. DO ME A FAVOR: DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO JUMP IN, DONT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, LOSE ALL THEIR MONEY, AND NEED SOMEONE TO BLAME SO THEY TURN TO THE BLOGS. THESE ARE THE KIND OF POEPLE THAT WANT A FREE RIDE. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. LEARN YOUR CRAFT AND PERFECT IT. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. MR YIANDROS HAS INVESTED A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT FOR SOME PEOPLE TO JUST SHOOT HIM DOWN. QUICK SIDE NOTE TO THE ORIGINAL POSTER...WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT....I DID NOT SEE ONCE WHERE YOU SAID YOU LOST ANY MONEY AT ALL!!! YOU JUST CHOSE NOT TO WORK WITH MR YIANDROS. BY ALL SENTIMENTS, HIS SKYPE MESSAGE TO YOU WAS DEAD ON. GET IN OR GET OUT...ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!!!

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Hi forexmarketball, are you also a charity worker who help mums and bubs?

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john yiandros

Is that Mr John Yiandros working on his charity campaign?

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You pay for your subscription because you want to be a member of the invisible group to continue learning under the guidance of Mr. Yiandros and his team.

The icing on the cake is that Mr. Yiandros uses the subscription fee and donates it to three charities. Mr. Yiandros is not obligated to share with you information about the three charities. You are simply subscribing for continued membership and not for membership with the three charity organizations.

Nobody is forcing you to join. Nobody is asking you to subscribe. You are in for seven days to receive your training. After seven days, you are welcome to leave the chat.

If you do not want to sign up under the groups affiliate link, please proceed and sign up under another link. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

You enter a community group, if their rules do not suit you, please keep on moving. There is no need to start posting lies about the Yiandros system.

I trust this has answered your questions. I am a very happy member of the yiandros system and crazy chicken.