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Binary brokers that work with robots?

We are new to binary option trading. We have na automated program/trading robot to execute our trades. We can't seem to locate a broker that allows the use of a trading robot/automated trading program.

Does anyone have any sites to recommend that allows the use of a trading robot/automated trading program for binary options? Thanks..


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IQ option just introduced robots, looks really interesting :)

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The IQ option is not the best and more fear thing. Yes, there is classical work without robots, but all binary options changes, and when it will be better to start on the best one, not on the commercialy promoted. What about robots, they cannot completly change the peaople mind and reaction, so totaly what you can get - yust financial loses. The best way is to count accont with friens and get the deal to chek the grown and rise numbers in concret time, so the same-work is like to a robot, each person can sit and check ever 2 or 3 hours. Team work is much more succsesfull. But if you want to work alone, so good luck, robot can do all for you, but now the problem is - it is not programed.

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Hi, M. King!
I'm a representative for the Grand Capital broker and we sure do allow robots and advisors for trading!
Also, make sure to check out our awsome promotions and bonuses!

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Why trade with a bot? That's not good... The bot can only be put on a cent, that's it.

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Why only a cent account? I know traders who trust all their capital to robots. Robots make profit, so why not?

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Because a robot is a good opportunity to lose money instead of making it. If you want to make money, do it with your own hands.

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Both Integrity and Respect for our users remain our key values, thus the operation of IQ Robots was ceased by January 17th, 2017
Meanwhile, we kindly advise you to stick with the original IQ Option Trading Platform.
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