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Vito 60 seconds binary options strategy

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60 seconds strategy

This a very powerful strategy described by Vito – I want to share it with you guys so more people get involved and hopefully the strategy will improve and will work perfectly for all of us. So here is the strategy:

MT4 Indicators which have to install:

boSugarman Signals
MBFX Timing

Call trade signals

You have to wait for all signals before taking action – this is very important!

1.Blue UP arrow appears and little green arrows start (boSugarman Signals)
2.Green arrows stop and a white dot appears
3.Stochastic leaves OB/OS Zone (Limit:5)
4.MBFX changes color into yellow/green

When all 4 signals appear at the same time you are ready to enter a call trade

You can use 60 sec charts with 60 sec expiries

Put trade Signals

1.Purple DOWN arrow appears and little red arrows start
2.Red arrows stop and a white dot appears
3.Stochastic leaves OB/OS Zone (Limit: 95)
4.MBFX changes color into yellow/red

In this scenario you are good to go with a put trade

Important tips

You can enter a trade when MBFX and Stochastic are showing a strong reversal – it should be a clear change of direction. Don’t trade when MBFX is flat even if it changes color.

For example when MBFX changes from green to yellow is not good enough – wait for the red color to take the trade.

The perfect momentum is probably after the first white dot appears – you can go with the second candle.

You better try the strategy for some time in your demo to figure out perfect timing.

60 seconds strategy indicators


@FreemanZ's picture

It's interested strategy! Did you test it? What is the efficiency of this strategy?

Bettercall's picture

Yes, it is working very good for me, I just made 5 trades - 4 ITM, if anyone else test it please share your opinion.

kvamaren's picture

Looks promising, where do I get the indicators so that I can test out the strategy?

flyhighlow's picture

Hi BetterCall, thank you for that strategy. Tried it in demo on 1min chart with 1 min expiration using the exact same rules. Was 6/8. I see you are using some other indicators as well?

Bettercall's picture

Yes, stochastic overbought/sold indicator that alerts you when stochastics on bosugar is overbought/oversold, this way you wont have to watch your screen waiting for the stochastics to go overbought or oversold. If you use it make sure the stochastic alert settings on the indicator match the stochastics settings on the bo sugarman.

flyhighlow's picture

good call

longstrade9's picture

how exactly you set the indicators?

Bettercall's picture

You need to change the MBFX minimum to 5 and maximum to 95.
For stochastic alert indicator: 95 overbought and 5 oversold, StoMode change from 0 to 1, StochPeriod should be 14. Thats it!

longstrade9's picture

this really helps, I see you also use regression indicator, it helps you to see which trend the currency is going right?

Bettercall's picture

Yep, but I don't really use it, it comes from the original set up by Vito ;)