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60 seconds strategy with MA and MACD

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60 seconds binary options trading is short-term trading that is truly amazing. It allows you to double your capital for one minute. However, there is one problem: binary options 60 seconds are very demanding on the strategy. Minute charts are difficult to analyze due to market noise.

When trading long timeframes noise is easily cut off; we can see a strong trend. However, when trading 60 seconds options, we may sell haphazard noise. However, despite this, all the trends originate on shorter timeframes and only then move on to longer.

Binary options 60 seconds: trading strategy

The trend has one feature: it can seldom show pullback and continue to move rather than change its direction. In this strategy, we will use this feature.

For this strategy, you will need two indicators: Moving Average and MACD. To start using this strategy, we need to find a chart with a strong trend. As an example, I will use a one minute chart of the pair EUR/USD with a strong uptrend.

60 seconds strategy with MA

Then,I’ll add the MACD indicator and MA 9to the chart.

Conditions to purchase CALL option:

• The upward trend,
• A price above MA9,
• MACD lines cross upwards.

60 seconds strategy with MACD

Conditions to purchase PUT option:

• Downtrend,
• A price below MA 9,
• MACD lines cross from top to bottom.

To make sure that we have a trend, rather than the usual market noise, we examine the chart and see how long this trend will continue. Next,input MA 9 to ensure that the trend has not started to reverse. If the trend is growing, theprice should be above the line of MA, i.e., higher than the average price for the last 9 minutes.

If the trend drops, the price should be under the line of MA, i.e., lower than the average price for the last 9 minutes. We can catch the entry point at the crossing of MACD lines. I prefer to bet when the baseline and the signal are crossed.

Thus, we find the optimal entry point and comply with all the rules of thestrategy. In order to use the binary options 60 seconds trading strategy, it is very important to have a broker with afast trading platform. I recommend trading only with proven reliable brokers.