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Ayrex - we see a potential in Ayrex but will they improve the trading platform?

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We are a group of traders from Italy, we love binary options but so many scam brokers around almost make us quit trading. We recently found Ayrex and we like it because of the fair terms and fast withdrawals but still the platform lacks essential features.

My first impression was that this platform is similar to one of the early versions of IQ Option but Ayrex do not provide indicators yet - my question is: does Ayrex think to add some indicators like MA and Bollinger Bands? It will be very helpful.

Misleading payouts in demo trading - why you show payouts 95% in demo as the real payouts are 70-85%? It is surely a marketing trick to lure traders into real accounts but doesn’t make good impression and make the demo account less useful.

The other problem with the demo account is that it doesn’t require registration and lack history of trades. “No registration demo” might sounds good for marketing but makes it useless since you can’t keep track on your trades.

The chart - I already mentioned the lack of indicators, well hopefully they will add some, but why the heck only 5s candles? It is obvious the broker focuses on short term options but we need 1m and 5m candles, not 5s. So please let us know if you are going to add more time frames on the candlestick charts?

Daily expiry time - the longest expiry is 1h and this doesn’t work while you trading the news, my question is obvious here - do you plan to add end of the day expiry when New York close?

Stocks - you still do not offer stocks in your trading assets list, will that change in future?

Log out bug - we have noticed some bug that logs you out from the account while we were trading - it is very annoying and I would like to ask what is the reason behind?


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Dear MikkiFunk, thank you for your review of Ayrex.

Regarding to the specific moments you have mentioned in your review:

Yes, we are planning to introduce indicators however we do not have an estimate on that yet. We are also planning to offer stocks in our trading assets and we are focused on developing this feature right now.

Although our demo platform doesn't make it necessary for you to register an account before trading demo, it does have a built-in trading history feature. Please bear in mind that the data will disappear if you clean your cookies. Also, our demo is designed to showcase the platform functionality which is the reason for the payout percentage differences.

We are happy to say that we have candle charts with longer expiry times. If you trade Short Term with a 5 min expiration time you will get a 1m candle option in the chart settings menu. We also have a variety of other options in the same menu depending on the expiration time of your trade.

For the moment we do not plan to introduce end of the day expiry however the situation may change in the future so please watch out for our updates.

Thank you for bringing the mentioned above bug to our attention, we know about it and we work on resolving this issue as we speak! We will be very happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Rachel Kelly, Ayrex.

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Thanks for your feedback Kelly, this a very good news that you will add indicators, what about chart timeframes - will you include 5 min and 15 min?

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Yes, we plan to include more timeframe options! This update is high on our priority list. We can't say at the moment whether it is going to be 5 min, 10 min or 15 min or all of them but this feature is coming.