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The Best strategy for binary option trading 60 sec 2015!

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We were developing this strategy more than a year. For six months it was tested to eliminate all bugs and issues, also for indicators customization. System includes 9 indicators that are configured for a specific expiration time. After five months of strategy exploitation the percentage of winning trades amounted to 87percents.


danielferro's picture

Anybody has tried this indicator from Andrew???

Thanks for any feed back.

riksa18's picture

I haven't tried this one but this strategy sounds pretty good however I would like to hear anyone who has tried this yet as 60 sec is merely a suicide for new traders unless you have good command on trading and you are trading on news only.

Satish369's picture

Where to get this system so i can try?

SweetAnalyst's picture

Does anyone tried this one? How reliable this one might be?

kolli's picture

That's truly not bad, but I have trouble with the time that has to be spent in order to reach a level of good profit, 5 months is not such a short period of time. I hope someone here writes about his experience using this strategy.