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Binary options profitable strategy ToWave (trend line breakthrough on M5-chart)

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Strategy ToWave is designed for profitable trade on binary options HIGH/LOW. To use this strategy you need Metatrader 4 and two indicators: ToWave indicator and TREND-MA.
Strategy may be used with all currency pairs on 5 minute timeframe(M5 timeframe). Trade time period: 9:00-19:00.
The principle of the strategy below:

The indicator TREND-MA draws support/resistance lines. The indicator ToWave uses Elliot theory base. Look on price changes, ToWave builds extremums('resistance points'), fractals (significant point of trend), forms М30-trend direction signals (trend on М30 timeframe). You must build M5-trend using fractals. Option opens when М5-trend is broken (crossed) and support line of TREND-MA is crossed. The direction of breakthrough must be in other direction than last direction of М30-trend. The experation time - plus 30 minutes from trade beggining. More details and examples look at page


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Thanks for sharing, can you post an example with call option?

Tony Gio
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Call option is needed. Please post something regarding this.

Anthony Stanley
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