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Binary Options Strategy 5 and 15 minutes

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“Strategy Super Sniper 15 minutes” appeared online recently. Such a strategy is based on an analysis using two moving averages. This lines crossing is a signal to purchase an option. Binary options strategy is quite simple, but nevertheless, it makes sense to examine it in more detail.

What do I need for a 15 minute strategy?

First, you need to put two moving averages with different periods on the chart:
• Moving Average with period 16
• Moving Average with period 26
This indicator is the only one that is needed to trade on such a strategy because the strategy focuses on simplicity.

How to use the 15 minute strategy for binary options?

On the chart, the line with period 16 is blue, and the line with period 26 is red. It is necessary to wait until the blue line, rising from below, crosses the red. This is the signal for the possible trend reversal. At the moment of crossing, it’s better to buy an option.

This strategy has one drawback: the signal may be slightly delayed because what option to buy at the moment of trend forming is problematic. However, the choice of moving averages is not an axiom with such periods. You can choose other periods if these averages don’t work.

How to use a 5 minute binary option strategy

More short-term trading (5 minutes) involves entry into the market when the short-term line crosses the long-term, from the top down. The point of crossing will be a signal to buy an option.

How do I use filters?

To maximize profits, it’s possible to use moving averages with a very large period, for example, 100. In this case, you should buy a CALL option when the price is above the line, and the option PUT, when the price is under it. This moving average can be useful if you trade long-term (15 minutes); however, during short-term trading (5 minutes), it is not a good assistant.

This binary options strategy is good for traders who have just started to study the financial markets because this strategy doesn’t promise high profits. More experienced traders try complex strategies involving a combination of several different technical indicators.