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Blue Sky Binary (BSB) - Transparent and trustworthy binary options and forex trading group

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I joined BSB quite in the beginning of creation many months ago, with the goal of receiving professional trading signals and knowledge. To my suprise, I found the community, it's members and it's staff extremely helpful and friendly. This made me feel very comfortable to openly share my own experience and learn from them.

With their help and wisdom, I managed to successfully fill my market and trading knowledge portfolio and I became a senior trader. Now my goal is to help other members in a way that BSB helped me. I have got much more from them that I expected and I now do not rely on any signal services as I have learned to trade myself. The transparency, trustworthiness and solidity has made BSB the best companion in trading for me.

BSB is constantly adding new features and is developing advanced strategies to enhance traders capability of manouvering in different market conditions. BSB lately became more concentrated on educating people and teaching them to trade and embrace the core and advanced strategies that have proven to work throughout time.

So here are the main advantages:
*friendly and helpful community
*you don't have to trade alone
*1-on-1 training/education sessions + general learning from the community (feedback and discussions between community members)
*powerful dashboard that has many useful features that enhance your trading abilities, boosts your market awareness and gives alerts of trading oppurtunities in form of signals and indicators
*trade confirmation - you can ask about a trade you would like to take and first available senior trader will review it and provide feedback if that trade is high probability or risky
*Skype chatrooms are open 24/7, although you will find the chatrooms being quieter during weekends
*BSB is not affiliated to any brokers or other signal services, thus you do not need to sign up with anyone to be a successful community member
*free trial - if you don't like it, just cancel your membership

Possible cons:
*may not fulfill all the needs to traders who are only seeking trading signals to follow blindly and have no wish to learn anything about trading (although the signals on the dashboard are ~65%+ accuracy)

I searched for possible reviews made about BSB on the internet and picked up couple of reviews fairly quicky (please note that these reviews are not created by staff members or made by a request of BSB. The reviews seem to be made by the user on their own initiative):

And here is the score for BSB in

My post is not made to advertise and get people storming to sign up, but just to inform you that there is a very transparent trading community out there that can benefit to your daily trading and enhance the experience.

I'm sure that together we can make BSB even greater than it is.

I'm here to answer any questions that you might have, so don't be shy.

All the best,
Blue Sky Binary - Oto