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Instead of making endless blacklists with scam binary options brokers we can simply list some trusted binary brokers. Thus, will be easier for beginners to pick a broker.

Binary options pending orders or brokers that offer pending order?

Hi all binary traders. hope everything is fine. plase help me. I need binary pending order tools or brokers that offer pending order. i want to place a binary pending order of any price i want. if the price goes to my specific price then activated my call or put automatically.

USA Binary Brokers - I am from the US but can't find any good binary broker? Any recommends?

Hi guys, I can say I’m rather new to the whole binary options stuff. I’ve started reading a lot, trying to learn something before putting my actual dough on the line. So no trades for me yet, but I am getting there (hopefully) ☺.

Ayrex - we see a potential in Ayrex but will they improve the trading platform?

We are a group of traders from Italy, we love binary options but so many scam brokers around almost make us quit trading. We recently found Ayrex and we like it because of the fair terms and fast withdrawals but still the platform lacks essential features.

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