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Can binary brokers ever ban you if you trade too successfully?

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As you know there many brokers available in binary options trading. So my question is can binary brokers ban or close your account if you trade too successfully. I heard something about this issue that's why I would like to know your feedback.


Patrick's picture

If you trade at unregulated broker anything is possible :)

Nicrahe's picture

Only an indecent broker can bahave this way. A reliable broker would never do such a thing.

Salton's picture

Theoretically, a broker can ban you. Everything depends on the company that you trade with. If it cares about the reputation, it will never do such thing.

Vizory's picture

Maybe. One time I myself got into an unpleasant situation. When i had just started trading. The broker froze my account and blamed me for using abitraries. It turned out the broker closed down in a couple weeks and my case wasn't the only one.