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Is Daily-trades broker a scam??

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Hi all..

Anyone been experiencing unable to withdraw from this broker?

I have put in a huge amount of money with this broker n m not able to withdraw since 5 mths ago!
Now the broker not even responding to emails n calls.. What should I do? Need advice here...

Thanks in advance...


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Is it a regulated broker?

Hunny's picture

Yes.. Regulated by FMRRC.. We complain to the regulator n they said wil give the broker a call but til now no feedback at all... ;(

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i can't see why daily trade is a scam. its just another method of trading in binary options

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Hunny, have you resolved your question? It's been a long time, how are you doing?

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Hi please tell me did you end up receiving the funds from dailytrade options as I am in a same issue.