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Do you use binary options signals? Where do you get them?

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It’s often believed binary options signals are used first by newbie. This is caused by lack of newcomers’ knowledge. They don’t know about the technical and fundamental analysis, they don’t know the behavior of certain assets, their reaction to the news isn’t always correct, and newbies don’t always make the correct predictions. Even if they are trying to make predictions, they don’t always know how to use them.

However, binary options signals are used not only by beginners but also by more experienced traders. These traders do this in order to verify the accuracy of their forecasts and reduce the likelihood of loss in the event of an incorrect forecast.

Some make their signals on the basis of signals from technical indicators. Some traders prefer patterns of technical analysis. Some use only fundamental data, and some traders use all sources to increase the reliability of the signals.

In our forum, we also publish binary options signals. You can find the signals for the pair GBP/USD, published by Zoran V., as well as signals for other assets.

We decided to find out the attitudes of our members regarding binary options signals and discuss the services on the signals, individual suppliers of signals, and brokers who publish signals on their websites.

Tell us whether you use binary options signals in your trading. If so, how do they increase the efficiency of your trades? Specify the source you are using.

I would also like to know what experience in binary options trading you have and how long you have been using binary options signals.

It is interesting to know your opinion on which source of binary options signals should be trusted more: free or paid.


@FreemanZ's picture

Usually, I don't use signals because I trade only EUR/GBP and sometimes GBP/USD. So I analyze the charts and know the specific of the asset. However, sometimes when I have some doubts I use BOS application or signals from my broker.

TommyL's picture

I've traded binary options just for 2 months. Can you advise me site or application to get effective binary options signals?

Zoran D.'s picture

You can try UpDownSignals, however, it costs $97 per month.
You can also try BOS application fro android. It's free. It works with GBP/USD, GOLD, EUR/USD, NZD/USD.

Zoran D.
TommyL's picture

I'm newbie, so free is the best for me. Can I download BOS application from Google Play?

Zoran D.'s picture

Yeah, just put BOS and you'll find it.

Zoran D.
riksa18's picture

I usually prefer trading with my own skills as signals sometimes back fire and become harder to guess so you can try concluding your own predictions by going to news sites.

Craig Spearman's picture

I am getting mine from for forex, and they only recently announced they will be doing BOs as well. Looking forward to it.

Craig Spearman
Salton's picture

Generally I try not to rely on signals, but to trade on my own, because I think it's too risky to trade using somebody else's recommendations.