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EMA, MACD and RSI Binary Options Strategy

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Hi there

I enjoyed reading the above article by Toni Hamilton.

I understand that a one hour chart is used to use this strategy - is this correct or can it be used for other timeframes?

Also, if a one hour timeframe is used, what is the length of time that should be used for placing the Call or Put trade - 4 hours?




Cedric B.'s picture

Hi Roy,

H1 timeframe is used in the strategy, you're right but you can use another timeframes - H4, D etc. But I don't recommend you to use small timeframes like M1, M5 or even M15.

If you trade on H1 - you can place expiry time 3-4 hours after option has been bought. If you trade on H4 - place expiry 12-16 hours after option has been bought etc...

Best wishes,

Cedric B.