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EUR/USD trading 02/12/2013 - live with Matthew Taylor

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Today EUR/USD forecast Ben Bernanke is scheduled to speak at 13:30 GMT and important data will released at 15:00 GMT. Stay tuned to get more signals.



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The pair has broken to the downside and our alternative call to buy puts after a break below 1.3560 has been triggered. Stay tuned to our commentary later today after the release of US data at 15:00 GMT.

Matt T.
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Matthew was right today the pair fell towards 1.3530 and after that bounced to 1,3560, it was great opportunity for buying calls.

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Ben Bernanke's speech how affected the pair?

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Bernanke didn't say anything important, after the US data some buyers came up to safe their stops under 1.3520

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Yeh Goldwyn, you are right. I appreciate with you.

Anthony Stanley