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Forex , CFD and Binary scam targeting global and US customers

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Warnings have been issued in Cypress, United States and the UK. One man named Maxym Morocov has set up a company that looks like a legitimate trading platform, with real time stock charts , option combinations, including day orders, good-'til-canceled, market, limit, stop, stop limit, claiming to be backed by high-end technology tools for binary, forex , CFD, crytocurrency trading.

He registered this company in the UK, then set up a shell office in Seychelles Island, where now close to a half a dozen companies are running under the same registration number 114612, 306 Premier Building, Albert Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, using various business names. Websites include,,,, and who knows what else.

The company has legal terms and conditions enabling this company to change client trades, cancel trades, not pay client/traders for flip/flop reasons and wipe out investments of clients at its discretion without any liability. All of this is being reported by victims from all over the web and its criminal. Every now and then, they will dole out small profits and return deposits , just to show evidence they are legit.. but the majority are victims of the scam, especially if they spend large amounts.


Look close in those terms because – missing is a single persons name or a valid working business address.

Questions: If it is an offshore shell office (ready made paper only ) –in Seychelles (where they claim to have teams of financiers and leaders in trading) then…

1. WHERE ARE THE EMPLOYEES? WHERE IS THE LOCATION OF THE ACTUAL BUSINESS. Why is there no valid business location, given to people who you are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from.

2. WHY IS THERE NOT A SINGLE NAME OF ANY CEO OR EXECUTIVE provided? When any owner of such a grand award winning trading platform, as advertised - should be proud to be associated with such an accomplishment.

3. WHY? Is there not a single executive or person ever been mentioned in any professional forum, or on the websites themselves to be associated with these FAKE award winning wonderful trading platforms.

Without a single valid board director or CEO, or valid business LOCO people are handing these scammers over life savings, hundreds, to thousands of dollars - with more and more victims each day.

Who is behind this? Company Registration: Suomen Kerran LP
Centre Office, 58a Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH1 3SA with a sole owner Maxym Maracov - a Ukrainian person of interest.