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How Binary works

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I'm a newbie in BO and have lost some money with the "help" of a manager of a broker firm I signed up with.
Why I need to deposit money to a broker before I can trade? Can I not just use my credit card to invest instead of putting money with the broker?
Does it mean when I make a loss, it's a profit to broker and broker keeps my money and when I make a profit, it's a loss to broker and broker pays me? Hope someone will enlighten me, thanks


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Hi Jansk, a binary broker works like casino, when you make profit they lose money, and they are many scam binary brokers around operating unregulated. When you choose a broker first thing is to check if they are regulated firm or not. With all brokers you have to make a deposit and fund your account to be able to trade, it is the same with all brokers, the problem is that if you are dealing with a scam broker you most probably won't be able to withdraw your profit. So, better be cautious where you make deposit!

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Hi, I am new too, I traded in some brokers and I lost some money. Can you tell me any good broker?

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Binary Options is a way that anyone can profit from the movement in value of a large and dynamic range of commodities, assets, stocks and shares. It's a million dollar industry where you can make alot of money if you know how to read trends and use the right strategies . I make use of a reliable broker platform to trade together with my dynamic trade calculator software an investment of $1000 will bring returns of $15,000+ every month on average, Withdrawal can be made every 2 weeks or 31 days depends on how you want it. And lastly my percentage is 20% of profit made monthly while you have 80% more information contact me at my Email

J Daniel
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These days, in trading binary options are one of the most popular and preferred ways to earn money as it is a multiplied trading platform with minimum risk and higher returns on the investment. The binary options are a one of the easiest to understand trading system all you need is to understand the market fluctuations. If you are a beginner you don't need to join any of the academy or tutorials for learning the binary trade all you need is the knowledge of the basics, some tips and a regular study of the binary options scam review. Below mentioned are some tips-

  1. Start with Small
  1. Choose the Cessation
  1. Trading Platform
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There is much special software for binary trading which illustrate the different tricks. You can find a variety of websites which suggest this service; it’s important to go through the scam reviews which will help you judging if the website is genuine and reputed. There are several demo accounts and training resources available online through which you will easily understand as to what exactly are Binary Options Software Scams.

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very informative, thanks guys

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Even if you've chosen a good, reliable broker, make sure you have entered the broker's site, because many double sites are being created nowadays. You deposit your money there and later you can't get your money back.

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Great material, especially for newbies, who are just learning to trade binary options) By the way, which instruments do you think are the best for market analysis while trading options?

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You should choose pairs according to your strategy. Most people trade on majors and it'll be easy for newbies to figure it out.