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Why I am learning to trade?

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Very simple what I call KIA Knowledge, Information and Application to a learned, consistent specialized skill. For me I see trading as an opportunity to build a life for my family, my 8 year wife who has been by my side through my ups and downs my daughter 16 to be 17 to develop and give them a better life. At first I "saw" all the money or at least I thought, but through reading, learning over the last 4 months I gained a new perspective about trading. Yes it is a journey a journey that you can build into a successful consistent real life if you follow those who have been where you are trying to go. Set a goal to learn the market, learn and apply a strategy learn it apply it then learn another, use the demo, back test. Apply what you learn what you know what others find that work, learn for yourself.

Background: I am a 60 year old man who through my life have had so many opportunities in this country in this life, like others I have been searching for a way a system that works for me to develop the independent life that I truly want. Reality Check LOL life and the decisions I have made have caught up to me. I am in this situation because of my thinking and action, I am responsible for where I am in life, I am a day labor, I don't make allot of money, I struggle because of the choices I made, I am sentenced to the reality that I created. But trading is allowing me to re-educate myself, complete Binary Options Education use this education to build into an independent career, get with the winners of trading learn apply yes I can do this. One main reason, I always been fascinated by business news about stocks, companies, money, business around the world.

I always love the business news knowing that when I drive down the street, walk to the store business, big business have allot to do with our lives. I grew up hearing about CBOT, Chicago Board of Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones Industrial Average's, Bulls and Bears, God this stuff so intrigue me and I somehow wanted to be an active part of it. Wall Street, the good, the bad the ugly ran by people trading buying and selling. WOW this kind of stuff is what captivates me business, the activates the mechanics to a business of the markets how it move how it operate, what makes the market move I really like this. Money now I realize that will come but WOW the market, the mechanics of trading the reason and process, or better way to put it, behind the scenes of the market.

What I see: Look at what we have, I look at my MT4 chart and Market Watch I look at Trading View, cSpotware, I look these charts and what do I see? I see not millions but billions of dollars daily being traded, get it? Billions of dollars in our face every time we log on. DO YOU GET IT? BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN OUR FACE a system that we can learn and apply ourselves to make develop through hard consistent work, noticed I said WORK HARD? Work hard commitment, discipline, manage my time and finances, talk to people help them give them information to change their situation. That is why I am in this to learn, build help others learn and build a life in this present world in a business WOW the business of the market that we are directly or indirectly involved in.

Joseph Blythe a learning trader yes I am very new at this. Just a thought, just a thought