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Kinds of Binary Options

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There are two types of #binary options: asset-or-nothing and cash-or-nothing. In asset-or-nothing, the trader can claim the value of the underlying asset if he determines correctly the price movement of the asset while in cash-or-nothing the trader can claim the predetermined and fixed amount of cash if he”s correct.


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I think the option of money-or-nothing is better if trading with binary options. Many will give you preferences but because you have a fixated sum, you won't lose more than you put in.

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One of the advantages of binary options is that the sum of losing or winning is fixed, so you always know what's at risk.

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With some binary options brokers other than binary options there are others. One of these kinds of brokers that I traded with had about 7 kinds of options. I liked trading on an option called "latter" most of all.