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Looking for a working strategy

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Hi, recently I've dabbled into binary options trading or digital options whatever.. but not very successfully, I started on a demo and than moved to real account and luckily after 100 trades I am -50 dollars only. I am reading forums to find a working, profitable strategy, any ideas are welcome.


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Hey Lockery, thanks for joining us, I would recommend following Matthew Taylor weekly trading weekly strategies . He is very successful so it worth to understand his trading methods.

Toni H.
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hi toni, do you know the binary options home? it's one big info center...

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Hi, my home is binary options post :)

Toni H.
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Hi Toni, you are here also. I have gone through that strategy page. It's informative enough. Thanks

Anthony Stanley
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We should always create our own instead of trying to follow others.

Craig Spearman
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I must say that strategy is a plan to acquire the require target, it pays a lot but I guess a good approach on how you manage your money and risks plays an important role for being successful in binary option trading.