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Mobile applications vs web-based brokers platforms

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I find much more convenient the mobile applications that some brokers have, than web-based trading platforms displayed on mobile devices. What is your opinion on the matter?


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Hi there,

Web-based are much more better, it's easier to open several browsers and follow news, charts, quotes and so on, trading is more convenient. Do you know a good broker that includes all this option in the mobile app. I have Samsung Galaxy.

Thank you!

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Anyoption have good apps with charts and everything but it is true that web-based is easier to follow more charts.

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I'm using 24option app for the past 4.5 months
I can say it's very convenient to navigate around the platform , using
the different tools ,it saves me time since I'm traveling a lot

Warmly recommended!

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The 24Option app is good and has a nice user experience. There's a good list at the bottom of this post with brokers that have mobile apps.

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I think web-based is better than mobile trading platform. But in these day, when smartphone grow up and there are more smartphone than PCs in the world. A lot of broker as my broker OptionTrade have offered mobile trading platform as to help their trader can easy to get in touch with market everytime and everywhere.

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You have account with them ?

How`s your experience with them ?

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Is there a common mobila application that allow trading BO as MT4 program for Forex trading?

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I have iPhone 5/5S/ iPad and a Galaxy S2 but I don't prefer to trade on mobile though I used them a lot. Wider monitor would help me easily make orders.

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I totally agree with you - mobile trading is more gambling :)

Toni H.
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My bo broker OptionTrade just launched their mobile platform for bo trading. It looked good but is there any broker offer BO trading mobile platform?