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New broker - please recommend?

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Hi, I new here and I am looking for new brokers. Which broker do you recommend? I like to trade only in binary options.


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Hello. I want to tell everyone to stay away from TopOption. I deposited 100 $ few weeks ago to try this broker because i read everywhere that is a good broker. After i start trading i saw manipulating market many times and good and profitable trades( more than 20-30 ticks in profit), closes in the red in last second. Now i want to withdraw the remaining 79 $ from my account. I have pending withdraw from one week now. I send many mails, to ask what happend and why i do not receive my money, but nobody answer.

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Hi, guys. I'm from Canada and I’ve just registered in brokerofficial and the broker I spoke to was really nice and trustable. I’m thinking to proceed to work with them for now.

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Hello Lucas! Can you tell me a little bit more for this broker?What is their minimum deposit?Are you still trading with them?

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Hi, yes.. I'm still trading with this broker, I opened an account with second one,but I withdrawn and now I'm trading only with this one.You can start with a minimum deposit of $250 , it's not much and it's good amount you can start with.

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stay away from them. noticed.

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If you lost some money with them, you can loose it with any broker. It depends of how you trade, so .. i'm pretty satisfied with my profit.

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I'd recommend examining those brokers that have existed for a longer time, atleast a year, and it's always easy to find out what a broker's reputation is. And then you can choose based on the conditions.

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There are many different ratings, there you can choose according to the conditions any broker you like, and then discuss the broker's reputation on a forum. that would be correct.

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I'd recommend looking at different ratings, choosing 3-5 brokers at the top and reading about them on forums.

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That's right, you should look at several sources of information. And also discuss the broker on the forum. That's the best option. And then open a small account.