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Plus Option Scam - Fraud company at best!

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Plus Option Scam

Want to report Plus Option as a scam and fraud company at best. They promised me to make profits if I invested $30000 US and then they traded some of that and made about $13,000. Then they traded the $43000 it and lost it. Replaced it with a Protection Plus Plan that found out later it is a bonus that carries a trading volume in amount of $43900 approx. which meant I had to trade 30 times that in order to withdraw any funds. That meant I had to trade $1.3 Million dollars . They put in about $500,000 and lost the whole thing.

My account ended up with about $7000 from prior trading. They promised me to pay back the $30000 but only paid back $5000. I then made a chargeback for $24,000 and they took that money out of my account. In April /17 the put $16900 approx. into my account to bring balance back to zero. But the $24000 I never ever did get because they lied to my bank so my bank would favour them rather than my request.

So now there is nothing more the bank or anyone can do to get my $24000 back. That is my retirement fund savings, and now left without that money. The broker had total control of the trading, and promised to make a profit, they took the funds from my bank account without my actual approval, and now I am left with a useless trading account. Their terms/promises don't line up with actual experience by any means.

Even though nothing can be done to recover those funds at this point, I want to warn other people worldwide not to have anything to do with Plus Option whatsoever. they are a fraud and scam company at best without question. I am being very respectful and this should be taken lightly. I cannot emphasize this enough.

If people have funds invested in Plus Option they should withdraw as much as fast as possible. Unless they are treated differently than I was. If they are considering investing in Plus Option, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN if they want their money. If they don't want their money, much easier just to burn it.


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Traded with therm but they scammed me out of $14,000 US. Had 2 Chargebacks through my credit card and then went to Arbitration Committee of my bank. Plus Option used lies, false promises, deceit, anything they could to mislead my bank to accept them rather than my claim. It is a long story but I did everything I could to recover stolen
funds. Just want to advise everyone NOT to have any dealings or investments with them. If they have funds with them, to withdraw them as quickly as they can. Do not invest with this fraud company if you want your money. is a major scam.

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Once you open this website you already see it is a scam, some fancy college boys in suits offering you easy money!? Come on guys be serious, you should know this is a scam before you invest your money, unregulated, shit-looking trading platform, it is obviously a scam. Do some research before you invest money! Now you can go and complain to your local regulator but nothing will happen because this broker is unregulated of course.

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I have already tried to contact people and was told that being these foreign brokers are not governed by Canadian law, there is nothing they can do. Tried to get funds back through the bank credit card system, and they decided in favour of fraud company because of the untruths that were presented by Plus Option. The only thing I can do now is to warn other people to stay clear of this fraud company. That is why I am looking for forums to accomplish that goal. I will not be doing any more trading under any circumstances.

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From what I read you actually did not trade anyway, you gave your money to some shady brokers and you expected they will make you profit. This is the reason there are so many scammers because there are naive people like you.

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I wanted to withdraw £4000. They said we need to get you to £10,000. The next day they rang me got amazing info advised me to go big on a trade kept saying keep going making loads of money. Stopped and looked at account I had lost all my money daft I know I trusted these filthy scumbag scammers avoid at all cost.

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I wanted to invest some money into Forex trade but being green not knowing anything I saw Plus Option on facebook and registered with them. They invited me to deposit a small amount and start trading to make money. I received my first call and deposited 750.00 dollars. The account manager Ben Fischer introduced himself to me and asked me my whole history as he wanted to understand how to best trade for me. He understood and did a few trades winning with no losses. He then told me Apple will be a great investment but i need to deposit an extra 1000.00 dollars.

He went on to teamviewer with me and even suggested i need to open my bank statements so that he can give me advice how to take funds from my account to invest. I refused to do that. He was not happy and did some long term trades lost all but one. He explained that the risk is too high to trade with 750.00 dollars and i must really push for another 10 000.00 dollars. I was silly enough to trust him and managed to credit my account with another 1000.00. He contacted me and asked if i am ready to trade went on to teamviewer with me and started calling out instructions to me so much on call so much on put he dealt so fast that it confused me and he kept on telling me to scroll down at one point i scrolled up and saw i had 270.00 dollars left he basically shouted at me and said no scroll down scroll down.

When i went back my balance went up to 600.00 dollars i thought this was as a result of the trade. He said ok, he will call me the next day so from 1700.00 dollars i had plus minus 600 dollars. In the afternoon i traded and one long term came in and with my trades i got back to plus minus 900.00 dollars. He called me and after his trade i was down to plus minus 500 dollars. He told me i needed to deposit more. The following day i mailed him and told him that he must not contact me again and i am just waiting for that last long term and then i will cash out. The following day a new accounts manager Tony Wood contacted me and he said he saw what was going on in my account and he is going to take over the account he will listen to all the tapes etc.

He called me back and told me what happened is wrong and he know that i need the money for a good cause. He suggested that i do not withdraw my money and to add so that i can have 5000.00 and this will be a very small account for him as he deal with 200 000.00 dollars and more. They push you even to borrow money and work out a plan with you as to how much you can draw to pay off your debt. I did draw money from one of my accounts to deposit it and my gut told me to google this company and thank you to all of you i did not make further deposits. I told him i wanted to test the system first to see if i can get my 1016.00 out. He slipped and told me that i will not be able too take it out due to bonuses then i remembered what i read as this was not explained to me. I then said to him you see i will not be able to get my money out due to the bonuses. He got agitated with me and said there is no bonuses and i must just make the deposit as i am loosing good opportunities.

I stuck to my guns thank you to your reviews. He also disappeared now, and this evening i went into my Plus Option account and to see if i can see if they did release my remaining funds and checked my deposits to get the deposit dates and to my surprise they just credited me with a 350.00 bonus on the 18/09/2017 and 962.50 on the 26 September. So my 1016.00 is now monopoly money in their books. I hope and pray that people that need to make money always have to google the company first. Google is our best friend. And another one bites the dust. But at least not 10 000.00 Thank you to all of you may you be blessed.

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Google is not your best friend. These companies do serious SEO. Binary Option is all a fugaze! BE WARNED!!!