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Question about binary payouts

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Hi guys,

I got some initial experience with binary trading, but there is still some unclear things I screwed over. Having registered account with Optiontrade I found several trading options like 60 sec, one touch, etc.. Though deposits to open a trade are fixed (100$ for example), payouts vary from 80t to 560%! How come? Why there is such a great difference? Maybe there is something plain that I'm totally missing?

Please help.


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Each broker offers different type of options with different payouts up to 1.000% on a single trade. At first you better stick with standard call/put options and daily expires - 60 seconds trading could be very risky and it can blow out your account in minutes.

Standard options Call / Put are paid up to 85% in the money.

60 seconds payout is usually 70%

One Touch options are offering the highest payouts up to 700% but I would not recommend you spending money with such options simply because the risk is too high. Most of the brokers are offering One Touch during weekends when markets are closed.

Toni H.
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Sounds good to hear that we can win up 1000%, but I know it's very difficult to get it.

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I think it is really working. Hope it will work in future as well.