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Rapid growth strategy

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Any trading strategy, at first, should be checked on a demo account. Only when the strategy gives stable profitable results, can you start to trade with real money. Fear of losing money is normal for an inexperienced trader, who is most prone to make mistakes. Therefore, the choice of the broker must be based on the minimum bet that broker allows. It’s better to work with a broker that allows an investment of $1, which makes it possible not to lose your deposit on the first day. Smaller lots to trade are also not recommended. Otherwise, the profit from trade would be quite small.

The trading system "Fast growth" allows you to steadily increase your initial investment amount and the deposit. Traders using this strategy can achieve truly impressive results with minimal risk.

Rules to trading with rapid growth strategy

Trading with the rapid growth strategy requires live charts (you can use Metatrader). You can also use Yahoo finance, Google finance, or your broker’s charts. It is necessary to include two technical indicators: StochRSI, indicating the market is overbought or oversold, and Bollinger bands, predicting support and resistance levels. Bands for rapid growth strategy assign three versions (1,2,3 deviation with period 20) and Stochastic with period 14.

How to trade on the strategy of rapid growth

According to the strategy of rapid growth, entering the trade with the CALL is necessary when:
• The penultimate Bollinger band is broken, but the price turned and candle closed above the band;
• Stochastic showed the price is in the oversold zone.
After this signal, you can buy the option Call. To purchase the option Put, according to the strategy of rapid growth, it is necessary to wait for the following market situation:
• The price of the asset broke penultimate Bollinger band and then turned around and closed below the band;
• Stochastic showed the price is in the overbought zone.

According to the strategy of rapid growth, the trader can use short-term and long-term options. The expiry time should be chosen according to the timeframe, which you analyze. For example, if the trader analyses the H4 chart (e.g., one candle is forming in four hours), the expiry time must be assigned after six candles at this timeframe, so the expiry will be 24hours. Six candles is the optimal time frame for the strategy of rapid growth. Just add six candles to the signal indicators give. So if the trader trades on the H1 timeframe, the expiration time of the option should be no less than six hours and the timeframe is 30 minutes to three hours.

How profitable is the strategy of rapid growth?

Within six months, the rapid growth trading strategy may quadruple your deposit. That is why this strategy is called the strategy of rapid growth. But don’t rush to trade. It is important to protect your deposit, using no more than 5% of your deposit for one transaction.