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I found Mytradelook signals platform where each trader can share his positions in the market and other people can follow them. That means every time a trader makes an investment, this position will be transferred intact to the members who chose to follow him. For example a trader buys a call option on eurusd with 1h expiry and if you follow him the same position will be replicated on your account.

Signal Providers should have a live trading record for at least 6 months, be at least 1 month in mytradelook to prove trading skills live in the chat, publishing with real name in their profiles.

This is information what I found on their website and it looks promising to me as they are working with brokers such as Dukascopy and Alpari. Has anyone tried them to share his experience?


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I am using this Auto-Trade from Mytradelook since 4/08/2014 and I have already copied 4 positions. The 3 of them won and I have already earn some good money and I hope, I will copy some good positions this week as well. Looks profitable to me and especially when you are a starter is better to follow a professional trader to learn and earn money at the same time.

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Hi Dioxeno, do you pay monthly or weekly and how much?

Toni H.
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Hi Toni Hamilton.
In auto-trade from Mytradelook when you copy the trades of Kostas Zemperidis you pay $19 and $8 for VPS(a security system). That means you pay $27 per month and you have this money management plan.