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Strategies, Tools and Signals that will work with IQ Option

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Good Day. I'm new. I just signup . I only trade on Demo mode for 2 months without any solid strategy or what so ever. Now I found this Webpage.. I'm so Happy .. I cannot wait. to start properly. I want to use IQ Options to start with BUT I want to implement some of these very good strategies and signals stuff from this webpage to help me to trade within a 80% margin. That I believe newbies can do with the help of this awesome webpage. Please help me to choose the right stuff to load to work with IQ Options to start with. Later on I would like to know what of these stuff will work on Meta trader 4 and 5. Thanks. Mike


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Hey mate, just now we are working on a new IQ option strategy, should be published in next weeks. In the meanwhile you can try MT4 strategy for binary options. Good luck!

Toni H.
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Hi there, why did you choose IQ? I also have an account with them, at one time I traded with them, but right now I'm trading with a different broker. In my opinion, it's better, several people I know trade with it, too.

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If I were you I wouldn't rely on someone giving you good advise or telling you which strategy to use, it's best to try to test things out on your own - as many trading systems as possible and then choose one suitable for you.

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The first thing you should do is stop going on broker's sites that are publicised, start choosing a broker for you, instead of you being for them.

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This broker doesn't really have any special limitations in terms of trading strategies, so you can choose any and trade with no worries.

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Let me kindly tell you that it is not safe to trust your personal data to the third parties. Moreover, according to our Terms and Conditions, only the owner of the account can operate it. You may use our tutorials , official blog and training account to practice your trading skills and you are always welcome to write us if you have any questions regarding trading.

Please, be wise and don't let others take advantage of you. Let us also tell you that integration of an off-site analyzer or Meta Trader isn't possible. But we have plenty of technical analysis tools you can use to analyze the chart. Moreover, we're constantly working on expanding the list of technical analysis instruments.

Have a great trading and a happy New Year!

IQ Option