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Tesla Motors Trading Strategy for the week 17-21 February

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The electric carmaker's share prices have been hovering around $200 for the past couple of sessions. Looking at the stock's price we can identify a couple of levels that seem to be important. The first on to the upside is around 202 - so we would be buying daily calls on a break above 203. The lower band is protected by bids around 193 for now. If prices manage to close below 193 on a sustained hourly basis we could start looking for opportunities to buy daily puts. Stay tuned to the comments section below that will provide further details as the trading week in binary options in stocks unfolds after Tuesday's market open.



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We have successfully identified the levels for yesterday's trading in Tesla Motors and all our readers who listened to the call to buy daily calls on a break above $203 have profited nicely. Today's trading will be defined by the ability of the share price to stay above former resistance now acting as support at 202.70 and yesterday's highs just below 206. So for now we would be buying daily calls on an approach to 202.50, however if we break below 201.50 we would reverse and double our position to the downside to compensate. Have in mind that a sustained hourly close below or above the mentioned levels is a must.Tesla Chart 19 Feb 2014

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The company has issued its final quarter earnings for 2013 and the numbers were superior in the judgement of aftermarket traders. Share prices have risen about 10% to open today in the vicinity of $218 per share. All of you who have listened to our calls are happily counting their profits as we did close lower than $200 on the break below $201.50 which triggered our daily put option. Now we are in for some new ranges and to be frank we recommend to sit the day out today as there is no telling how the market is going to react to the earnings release that was already posted. Stay tuned to our forecast for tomorrow's trading - today is pure gambling.Tesla Chart 20 Feb 2014

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Thank you for your advises Matthew, I am waiting for your calls for tomorrow!

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Beautiful trading

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Trading has been hectic yesterday as expected. Share prices of Tesla Motors have opened around $217.50 to slump in early trade almost as low as $206 and rebound to closing levels around $210. We are a bit hesitant to buy calls at this point as news of another delay in the production of Tesla Model X for 2015 have disappointed somewhat. We will be keeping a close eye on $206 as this is the key support level at this point in time. If we see prices break below we will be buying daily puts on this market. The upside will be feasible if we manage to approach at least $215, but for now we refrain from any call buying. Have fun trading and have a good weekend!Tesla Chart 21 Feb 2014

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I am totally agree with you on that.