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Tradarea - regulated binary options broker??

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Hey guys, I just started trading with this new broker called Tradarea – they have a cysec regulation which is reassuring. their website isnt anything out of this world but their platform has some interesting stuff and has a pretty nice design. They offer trading signals, trading robots, social trading, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Minimum deposit is $200, worth checking them out! I'll give you updates once I trade with them a few times more. Did anyone else here try them? What do you guys think?


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obviously you can tell us more about this broker?

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yeah, they offer 90% returns on some pairs.. their option builder tool is pretty useful - it gives you a return in case of losses, goes up to 45% :)

tested them for a withdrawal, they did it in less than 48 hours, which is not the case for most brokers out there who make you wait ages for your money.

I'm pretty satisfied with them - strongly recommend!

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I have an account there although it is currently locked.
In my experience:
• Tradarea prefers traders who are good at losing money. Try winning there and they hit you with a flood of contradicting waffle/tripe and a friendly email to say that it’s in the “best interest of both parties to go our separate ways”. No mention of outstanding balances in the account etc.
• Tradarea compliance department hibernates for 1.5 months at a time and ignores your emails and then telephones to tell you they were not aware that there was a problem.
• Tradarea always need another day to sort out issues. Too many of those days for me eventually turns out to be weeks, then a month, who knows where they are going with this…………and what they hope to accomplish.
• Tradarea quote their trade bonus policy when it comes to withdrawals-which is fair enough- but then do everything in their power to restrict your ability to trade and meet the bonus requirements, failing which they simply lock your account.
• Tradarea and CySEC - When irregularities are brought to their attention, Tradarea give you the scripted “we are regulated with CySEC” Come off it! This is not a licence to do as you please. I think it would do them a world of good if their management (I think a very weak one) decided if they want to play fair some of the time, none of the time or all of the time. Advice to management- decide which you want to do so that traders know but more importantly your staff knows as it makes them look silly in having to juggle 3 hats. You can’t decide to only play fair with traders that are losing money there. You just can’t have your cake and eat it with your bread buttered on both sides.
• Tradarea customer service seem genuinely oblivious.
To this day, they still won’t tell me what I have done to deserve this shoddy treatment. You just get an email saying “Bad news – we have decided not to give you an account”. Are they not aware that they have given me an account already and that there is a balance of my funds in that account.
If you are trading at Tradarea and haven’t encountered any of this, it may be just because you’re a loser.

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Can you trust their signals?

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Can you please give me some information from where you got help?

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