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Trading competition for 4th April 2014 ($500 prize)

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How EUR/USD will be traded after the US Non Farm Payrolls at 12:30 GMT on 4th of April 2014?

1. You have to write a forecast on how the EUR/USD price will be traded after US Non Farm Payrolls at 12:30 GMT on 4th of April 2014.
- You need to predict the level which the EUR/USD price will reach.
- Your forecast should cover an hourly period after the report comes out or until the end of the day 23:59 GMT 4th of April 2014 (hourly or daily expiry).
2. Your forecast has to be supported by a logical text in at least 60 words.
3. Based on your forecast you need to add an advice for buying call/put, hourly/daily option on the EUR/USD pair for 4th of April 2014.
- Your advice has to contain current price, buying price level and expiry time.

The trader with the most precise forecast will get $500 at OptionsXO.


Publish your forecast as new comment in this theme
Take as an example Matthew Taylor forecasts

Terms and Conditions

• Forecasts will be accepted in our forum until 12:00 GMT 4th of April 2014. Forecasts published after 12:00 GMT will be canceled.
• Only original and unique text will be approved (copy / paste work from other websites will be deleted without notification).
• Only our forum team will decide which one is the most precise forecast – meaning which one is nearest to the real market price.
• $500 prize will be credited to your account at OptionXO – only traders registered through the link above will qualify for the prize.
• The $500 prize will be credited into the winner’s account with min 20 trades required for a withdrawal.
• This competition can take place only at, only registered traders can participate.
• General Terms and Conditions at apply for this competition.
• could cancel this competition at any time without preliminary notifications.


SkyTrooper's picture

Hi, here is my forecast for 4th of April:

Non-farm payrolls rise way more than consensus estimates to 225,000 during the month of March, the US dollar stages a quick rally to 1.3650 after the unemployment rate is also lower by a full decimal point. Prices at the end of the hour are about 1.3660, and by the end of the day they continue dropping materially, when we are testing new lows around 1.3610.

bugsbunny's picture

As the payroll number hits the wires, the Euro is rising toward 1.3750 because of a weaker than expected number, however with the market getting a glimpse at the situation in Europe, renewed pressure drives the single currency lower to test 1.37 by the end of the hour, after the level is tested we see no follow through and at the end of the day the level is the same - 1.37.


smooth's picture

Hello, I am posting my forecast on the eur/usd for today us nonfarm payrolls which will be released by the US Department of Labor at 12:30 GMT. Recently eur/usd is dropping from 1.3820 to 1.37 and I expect to continue dropping to 1.3620. Buying daily puts at current levels (1.37) would payout at the end of the day in my opinion. Good luck to all!

bugsbunny's picture

nice forecast, good luck to you too :)

GMedina's picture

EUR faces bigger downside risks following yesterday’s ECB monetary policy meeting at which the ECB clearly signaled that it is prepared to utilize unconventional monetary policy easing. The downside will be pushed today by a high reading on the Non-farm payrolls which will end as bullish for the US Dollar. I would advise purchasing hourly lows all day long and finally eur/usd to reach 1.36 at 23:59 GMT 4th April.

Toni H.'s picture

bugsbunny account is credit at OptionsXO

Toni H.
ishaan985's picture

You have good forecast. I hope you will bang it. luck a lot

ishaan985's picture

I hope it worked at that time.