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Trading signals 14 August 2014

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AUDJPY Put signal 14 August 2014

Buy Put option at level of 95.45
Current price 95.45
Expiry time 23:59 GMT 14 August 2014

How to trade:
Australian dollar recovered slightly against Japanese yen but it could not overcome the resistance at the level of 95.50 se we keep bearish outlook in the long-term. AUDJPY currency pair looks overbought on current price level so Put option buying is acceptable now.

Payout: 80%

EURCHF Call signal 14 August 2014

Buy Call option at level of 1.2116
Current price 1.2116
Expiry time 23:59 GMT 14 August 2014

How to trade:
In Europe weak German ZEW and Eurozone sent EURCHF currency pair to 1.2110. Economic sentiment index was 8.6 vs. 18.2 points (the previous value was 27.1). Assessment of the current situation was at 44.3 against expectations at 55.5 (previous value was 61.8).

Payout: 80%

Trade this signals with 80% profit


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I was missed it. Now I am happy to see it.

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