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Trading signals 16 July 2014

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EURUSD Call Signal 16 July 2014

Buy Call option at level 1.3522
Current price 1.3522
Expiry time 23:59 GMT 16 July 2014

How to trade:
EURUSD achieved the lows below 1.3560 which opens the ways to further reduce of this pair to the level of 1.3500. Technical situation and prospects for an early the rate hikes by the Fed and running LTRO by the ECB continue indicating further reduce of EURUSD. Regarding EURUSD is stronly oversold on H1 timeframe now (RSI is lower than 23) we recommend Call option buying until the end of the day.

Payout: 80%

CADCHF Put Signal 16 July 2014

Buy Put option at level 0.8364
Current price 0.8364
Expiry time 23:59 GMT 16 July 2014

How to trade:
Given the weak report on economic activity and the absense of inflationary pressures, Bank of Canada will pay attention to the risks of inflation. Central bank can also make emphasis on the growth of the Canadian dollar over the past six months, given its key role for export. So Put option is recommended for today.

Payout: 80%

Trade this signals with 80% profit


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