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US Friendly Brokers - which broker I can trust for trading binary options in USA?

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US Friendly Brokers Are Few And Far Between

If there is one thing that I know for sure about binary options is that it is tough to find a broker when you are a US citizen. Yeah, yeah, there is always NADEX and I like it but it just isn't the same. According to the CFTC and SEC it is the only licensed and regulated US brand but this doesn't mean that there are not other brokers who are friendly to US traders. The trick is finding one that is reliable, honest and pays withdrawals but its not impossible.

This thread is dedicated to those brokers who are accepting us and helping us to reach our full potential as traders. I welcome any and all comments on this subject. If you know of a new broker or have a complaint or comment on an existing broker this is the place to post it.

Some Things To Look For

The first thing to look for when selecting a broker is to see if it is regulated. There are many types of binary options regulation ranging from CySEC to the British FCA, the Japanese FSA and the Australian ASIC. These are great brokers but usually not ones that will accept a US trader or any trader who does not reside in their sphere of influence. This means that in order to trade spot style binary you, the American trader, have to choose from among the myriad un-regulated brokers.

The thing to keep in mind here is that unregulated does not mean shady. It opens the door to fraud but so long as you keep your wits about you finding a trustworthy broker is not too hard. This website is a great source of information on trusted and untrusted brokers who may be allowing US traders to open accounts. New brokers are opening all the time and this is a good thing. As a US trader you may find yourself in need of a new broker at any time if the one you are using seeks CySEC regulation, or draws the attention of the CFTC.


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The first broker I'm going to list is CTOption. CT is broker in business for about 3 years now and one that has been steadily improving its services and offerings. The broker is built on the PandaTS trading platform and support the top styles of binary trading including high/low, range and short term. They also have great features for copy and signals trading, the Binary Replicator and the Binary Bug. I have been using CT for over a year now and like it. the expiry are great for day and day-to-day trading and withdrawals have been smooth.

Michael Zane
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Hi Michael thanks for your article, but how can we trust brokers which operates in USA as they are not regulated?

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CTOptions has a lot of positive feedback from US traders. They trust it. I read that BossCapital is US friendly broker too.

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I trade with Markets World for the last 2 years, they always pay me
in less than 3 days, very honest and transparent.

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There are few good brokers out there that support traders from USA. Among them, I think CTOption would be your best choice.

Brandon (not verified)
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US traders have certain limitation while trading with any offshore broker as they law restrict them however they still have pretty options of brokers to choose from. Nadex, market world, trade thunder, boss capital etc and many others are some of the options that US traders can check their reviews before choosing any of them. I have found nadex in BOTS recommended list