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USA Binary Brokers - I am from the US but can't find any good binary broker? Any recommends?

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Hi guys, I can say I’m rather new to the whole binary options stuff. I’ve started reading a lot, trying to learn something before putting my actual dough on the line. So no trades for me yet, but I am getting there (hopefully) ☺. The thing is that I traded Forex a few years back, and I know that a big part of success comes from the broker: deal with a good broker and improve your chances; deal with a bad one and lower your chances.

From what I’ve seen so far, there are tons of binary brokers, but I am from the States so my options are kind of limited because many of these brokers don’t allow US traders because of the regulations. Also, many of the brokers out there look like total scams, and from what I’ve read online, they really are scammers. I mean people complain all the time about this or that: I can’t get my money back, they canceled my withdrawal, the salesperson keeps calling day and night, and so on. I don’t want that! I need peace of mind when trading. I don’t need to worry if my broker is gonna give me my withdrawal. I know many of you will say “Try Nadex if you are from the US.” Yes, I know about them, but I prefer an EU broker because Nadex options are 0-100 style, and I am not really fond of that. I want the classic style with payouts in percentages (you know, like a 70-85% payout for an ITM).

Okay, I am all over the place, so let me sum it up. Here’s what I would like to have in a broker. If any of you can help me, let me know:

  • Not a scam! For obvious reasons
  • PayPal or Skrill as a payment option or at least another e-wallet style withdrawal (it’s fast and simple)
  • Technical indicators; the trading platform should offer at least a small amount. The more the better!
  • Not the Spotoption platform or Tradologic. Something else would be great.

Sorry for the long rant. If any of you can help or guide me in the right direction, I’ll appreciate it. Many ITMs to you!


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Difficult task man :) You can't find much brokers accepting clients from the US, the ones that accept USA citizens are mostly scammers who open a broker for a few months, make few bucks and disappear like BeeOption and CedarFinance. I am not US trader, but I trade with Tradorax and so far it is good service. I know it accepts US traders. I withdraw from it usually with no problem, and it has many indicators like you want. Spotoption and tradologic are too basic for me. If you go to the advanced chart on the Tradorax platform, you get like 20 indicators to put on the chart and japanese candles. I use them. To me, it is good so far, but you need to check it out and decide on your own.

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Not an easy task indeed, what is the min deposit at Tradorax?

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Never used Tradorax mate, no idea about them. What I’ve used is Porter Finance and they also accept US traders, however I wouldn’t recommend them. I deposited $500 and traded till I made over $1,300, then I diced to withdrawal $500 and somehow they attached me a bonus to the initial deposit. Which I did not requested. They told me I need to fulfill the bonus requirements first.. it is a ridiculous broker.. The trading platform also turns out to be a crap, come on, you can’t even look at candles. They only have that line chart and absolutely no indicators, it is a very poor trading platform created only to scam people. If you are a technical trader, just stay away because it’s almost like trading on your phone. Heck, you can’t even put a moving average on that chart. I can say they are scammers, better never make deposits.

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CT Option accept US traders, but I won't recommend them, it is a poor Panda TS platform with low payouts. The support people are big scammers in my experience. They use this crap software only to manipulate your strike price. For example if you trade GBP/USD Call option and you want to enter at a price 1.42210 when you press the Call button there is some delay of 2-3 seconds, in that time the price suddenly change to 1.42230. How they do this shit I don't know and this happens of course only to traders who make profit. If you lose money they are very happy to take it and don't need to manipulate your price.

I suppose when they see you are profitable they attach someone to your account and he follows your trades and add to your entry price 10-20 pips on top just to finish out of the money. Unfortunately some websites recommend them and many traders from USA who don't have a choice deposit money in such black holes. These are unregulated brokers created only to scam people. Once you deposit your money at CT Option you should be very lucky to make a withdraw. They will start offering you some risk free trades, or signals, or robots, or replicators.. don't believe in such cheap tricks. This robots might happen to make you some bucks at the beginning but at the end you will lose all your account.

The support guys are really annoying when they start to call you day and night asking you to make more deposits to give you bonus or some other crap. If you decide to open account better enter a fake phone number. Bottom line: do not use CT Option

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Hello guys, the big problem with binary options in the United States are the regulations. To offer binary trading in the US a broker needs to be CFTC regulated and at the moment only NADEX is a licensed broker. But NADEX is an exchange platform and not exactly the broker many traders are looking for. The European binary brokers are offering simple High/Low trading which is similar to spreads betting which CFTC sees as gambling. This is the reason CFTC is less likely to regulate European broker.

The European brokers are regulated by CySEC (Cyprus) and once they got CySEC license they can not accept US clients. And what some binary brokers are doing is simply stay unregulated and operate in the United States. These companies are registered in Seychelles, Virgin Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines or some other off-shore zone. Unfortunately most of these brokers start operation only to scam people and when you are scammed you can not complain to any financial regulator simply because the broker is not regulated.

The conclusion is: if you are from the US your only option is NADEX. Viva democracy!

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