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Watch out for Everyoption and their account managers (MR. Ari Price)

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It seems quite a few people have been scammed by this type of scheme. Here is my experience with Everyoption and the account managers. The key point is never trust money account manager from any brokers for binary option (BO) trade because of the all or nothing nature of BO. Your deposit instantly become their profits as soon as they can manage your account.

I was talked into deposit 1500 euro by account manager Mr. Ari Price at Everyoption into a money managing account in late August, 2015. Little as I know my fate was sealed on the very moment deposit was completed.

During September, small weekly deposit were made to the account claimed to be from trade profit by Mr. Price. It turned out it was simply a phishing plan aiming for more deposit. After I declined the request several time in September, Mr. Ari Price decided to pull the plug on my account. Using the special position he is in and the extreme nature of the binary option trade, he and Everyoption generated 16 fake trades with massive bets until the account have 2 euro left. Obviously this is a common tactic nowadays in binary business as account holders are often held as hostages as the superior
position money managers are in by working with binary trade companies, Everyoption in my case. A non-sense report was generated in response about how money loss and ask for more deposit shamelessly, but all 16 trades are 60sec trades which had nothing to do anything mentioned in Mr Ari Price's mail.

This is a carefully planned scheme between the BO company such as Everyoption and any money managers (Mr. Ari Price in this case) to deliberately force clients either deposit more money by holding the existing funds as hostage. This is one of the most malicious but brilliant schemes using the extreme nature of binary trade. If trades can be shown to have the sole purpose of losing for gains of managers and Everyoption, it's a conflict of interest at best, or I would call it a fraud.

Similar stories are happening to all BO brokers, not only this one. So be aware everyone. I reported incident in Ripoff report (search Everyoption), Binaryoptionedge scam section with account images. My only purpose is to expose this type of scam to as many BO newbies as possible. DO NOT get assigned to any BO brokers (especially money managers).



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Thanks for sharing mate, let's fight all scammers.

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just a quick update on what Everyoption doing now and be aware.

Go to and now they are 'merging' with

I can bet my house on it that it is the same people behind all this. They can't even come up with a decent name. :) Soon, Mr. Price and others will be calling people using the name of alldayoption.

DO NOT fall for the trap.