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What binary options broker is the best for you? Why? - 2015

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We have plenty of binary options brokers, and every broker is good more or less. Someone may like a broker because its website is nice. Someone else may choose a broker because of the trading platform. For others, the most important aspect when choosing a broker is broker regulation and licenses. Still others may pay attention to the ratio of the minimum deposit and minimum bet. How do you choose a binary options broker, and which broker is the best for you?

When choosing the best broker, you should pay attention to the ratio of the deposit to the minimum bet amount. Experts say that the best trades risk a loss of 2-3% of funds per one transaction. Therefore, in order to invest $5, the deposit should be at least $250. Fortunately, the conditions of brokers are now flexible enough that many of them allow you to invest even $1.

We decided to gather the best binary options brokers on different criteria and vote. Which broker do you think is the best? Here is a choice of the top ten binary options platforms in our opinion. They provide the best services you could choose from.

Please tell us which broker you choose and give us your impression. If your broker is not listed, please provide the broker you trade with and why you advise using this broker.

When voting, please write here why you think this broker is the best and by what criteria you think so. If your broker is not listed, write in your broker’s details.

When you voting please consider the following:

  • License
  • Withdrawals
  • Trading Platform
  • Min Deposit
  • Free Demo
  • Mobile App
  • Customer Support
  • Scam Reports

You can vote here


Zoran D.'s picture

I like to trade with 24Option. The main criteria for me are the trading platform. 24Option gives innovative trading platform which allows to make technical analysis, change timeframes, use technical indicators.
When I buy CALL/PUT option, I really know why I do this way. I don't guess, I trade.
The second criteria are the reputation. 24Option is the leader and thousands trust it.

Zoran D.
riksa18's picture

I trade with optiontrade and I guess optiontrade, cherrytrade and iqoptions can be a good option to be consider while choosing a broker to trade live with.

@FreemanZ's picture

24option is the best for me. I have no problems when withdraw money. As for me, 24option has the best trading platform.

TommyL's picture

What can you say about Bosscapital? They offer me to open account there.

restoremyhope's picture

Hi my name is Dee new here. I trade with CT options. They are okay. payout is fair. no manipulation.. BUT some things i dont like
2300 GMT+2 is their daily expiry. IT IS the dead zone in USA with Forex ending at 3pm. i have lost EVERY trade in that last hour between 3-4pm. And they have no earlier daily time for expiry. also they need to convert that time!!!! i get tired of trying to put my trades in AFTER converting the time

TommyL's picture

CT options is nice broker but I don't liek their platform.

gurek's picture

I trade with Optiontrade. Nice comfortable platform, a good number of trading assets including US stocks and indices. First broker where I try ladder type of trading.

pre-post's picture

How's about the stock trading? Are they easier to catch the price movement than pairs?

pre-post's picture

I don't say it's the best broker but I have traded with my current broker optiontrade for a year and no critical issues happens, just a little laggy when I open new trades but my PC is not powerful and Chrome cost more RAM than I thought. Nah, need to upgrade my PC asap.

keithc's picture

Hello everyone , I wanted to share my experience with broker-official , because I'm really happy with my profit. Me and my husband were able to double our investment within the first week. The platform helped me and him a lot, cause it's very simple. We both have accounts and our brokers taught us how to trade , because we were new at this. The thing that I really like is that I can withdraw my money whenever I want. I had one friend that traded with one company and she doesn't have any access to her money. She wanted to withdraw and then she couldn't sign in to her profile anymore.