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Who's Watching The Watchdog - Michael Freeman?

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I'm curious if any of you have had any experience with Michael Freeman? I've had my own experience with him but a little on that in a bit. I am asking because Mr. Freeman is the self proclaimed “Binary Options Watchdog” and may just be the top scammer in the industry. Why do I say this? Because of numerous complaints and mounting evidence.

There is a lot of evidence

I was dismayed when I first found out about this I must say. Michael is the host of Mike's Binary Options Channel, one of the first websites dedicated to binary options trading from the perspective of the trader. His website and products received acclaim from numerous sources, including the and others. The problem, it turns out, is that Mike owns many of these websites and has merely been promoting himself and preying on us, the binary trading public.

There is mounting evidence as listed in the forums of and, two well respected sources of binary options information. These forums lists dozens of websites, signal services and auto traders under the umbrella of Michael Freeman. One such is the Mikes Auto Trader, an auto-bot based on a popular white label automated signal service platform. I became aware of the auto trader when fielding complaints on another forum. After investigating it I began to unravel this scheme which only seems to grow with each passing day.

I myself reached out to Mike to see what he had to say about the allegations and his response was a little surprising. At no time did he seem concerned that his signals, auto trader and other products were causing people to lose money. He was intently focused on letting me know just how bad-ass of an affiliate marketer he was, how he was getting rich and that everybody was jealous of him.

So, with that in mind, I ask again... who is watching the watch dog? This website is promoting a signal service that has gotten a lot of bad reviews so can it be trusted?


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Wow! I was just checking out the BinaryOptionsWatchdog website and found a few things. First, the site is still blatantly promoting Mikes Auto Trader. Second, it is now also promoting some BS complaint resolution website called “Dispute Zone”. This is supposedly a third part organization dedicated to helping you get your money back. What I think it is dedicated to do is help ol Mike scam some more money. This service is intended to make you feel safe about using the “recommended” brokers, signals and services offered on the watchdog website. This is not the first time I have seen someone try to create a fake regulator/resolution provider in order to heighten the illusion of respectability.

I for one do not trust them, at least not yet. They may prove to be legit but for now there is zero, 0, zilch information about the company, where it is located, what they are going to do for you or why any of the brokers should even care. The very first thing a legitimate resolution provider would do is to provide such information...otherwise why would any body use them?

Michael Zane
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I wouldn't trust any auto systems..

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that's a good stance to have

Michael Zane